I'm just your typical gamer. ;) Been gaming for as long as I can remember :)

Favourite games: Kingdom Hearts

Bros I can't believe it, I've been here for 2 (TWO) years!!!! Holy FREAKIN SH*T!

I am looking forward to working in japan in the games industry when I'm older!!!


anonymousover 6 years
kingdom hearts is shite
Hey reddit!
almost 7 years
i hope you can work in japan in the gaming industry when youre older anon1034
thank you so much stranger
anonymousabout 8 years
You suck dic?
that's a very personal question to ask anonymously my friend (omg my first question :DD)
deletedover 6 years
who the f*ck are u
over 6 years
stop talking about kh please
almost 9 years
You smell nice.
about 9 years
kill your self i r l