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over 7 years
Whose alt is this?!?!?!?!
Oh boy I wonder I mean with this mspaint alt and pink background I wonder who it could be
deletedalmost 8 years
I love alpacas too!!
You can be my new alpacaloving friend ~~~~
anonymousalmost 8 years
Is that a drawing you made by yourself? (Your Icon)
yes I did it was really hard and took me about 5 seconds
deletedalmost 8 years
Ruhroh didn't see this question till now...~


9 / 20Super Sleuth!
8 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
5 / 20He's Batman
3 / 25Explosion!
3 / 25Eye of the Beholder
over 6 years
i love this
deletedover 7 years
You scare me
over 7 years
Seeing your new profiles always makes me happy xD

Good job once again ^^
over 7 years
lmao nice one
over 7 years
so this is where warpaca was buried....i'm excited to see the next entry in the warpaca saga. the legend of warpaca: afterlife edition
deletedover 7 years
1 +k = 1 prayer for warpaca. rest in peace.
deletedover 7 years
hello your bff was here
over 7 years
deletedover 7 years
Thank you for making me Karen

deletedover 7 years
i wanted to say i liked your profile before you killed me lul
over 7 years
ib scarred me
over 7 years
I've been listening to this for the past 30 minutes. Not a single regret!
deletedover 7 years
this song brings back so many wonderful memories.
over 7 years
Oh tasty profile!
The song :P
over 7 years
Cringe-worthy profile.

Also hi my four-legged seal buddy. Yes, it's a seal.
deletedover 7 years
I know. That's what makes it fun. Aw, come on, kid. Start building some memories.