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The Almighty Miko Cirno!

over 12 years
:D .
over 12 years
Returned, welcome back :)
deletedalmost 14 years

-k him for sabotaging!!!
almost 14 years
We miss you Suppi! :'<
about 14 years
where you goes =[
deletedabout 14 years
I would never join the ranks of baka miko-wannabe fairies!
about 14 years
Suppi, I need your powers. Please lend them to me!
deletedabout 14 years
I wanna join your family~~
about 14 years
You need at least 2000 points to karma someone. The person you're karmaing needs to have played 20 or more games.
about 14 years
You are genuinely awesome. I'll pos you and most of my alts, and the ones on my other accounts when have time to change.
deletedabout 14 years
What a loser :P I actually spent a week rereading from the start of the Chunnin exams. (after the forest). I was trying to find a pic that is "me" and this one was perfect.