Nothing's ever built to last, you're in ruins...
  • Friends, How I met your mother, Scrubs, The Office, Criminal Minds

  • Queen, Beatles, Green Day, Eminem, Coldplay, Maroon 5, U2, Daft Punk, The Killers

  • Star Wars (first trilogy), LOTR, The Godfather, Alien, Star Wars (second trilogy), The Dark Knight, V for Vendetta, Matrix, Inception

  • Halo, Assassin's Creed, Battlefield, Far Cry, FIFA, NFS

Note: The above lists are in order of preference, from highest to lowest.

Note 2: The videogames list is current-next gen, that's why there's no Prince of Persia, Pokemon (no, I don't like Pokemon X/Y), or other games of the time.



anonymousabout 10 years
FRIENDS character that reminds you the most of you?
Sadly enough, Ross
anonymousover 10 years
You're not annoying. You're adorable "3
anonymousover 10 years
Ur totez adorbz
anonymousover 10 years
I love you <3
No you don't D: Oh wait you already won this <3
anonymousover 10 years
Did you know you are quite annoying?


20 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
20 / 20Super Sleuth!
20 / 20Do No Harm
3 / 25Objection!
1 / 20Clint Eastwood
deletedabout 10 years
Yeah that was a pretty poor performance on my part - nice job in that game earlier.
deletedover 10 years
I like most of the stuff you like. :D
deletedover 10 years
AND SHE WIIILLL BE LOVED that song was on the radio today lol
over 10 years
Hey, I'm not sure if you remember iRiven but I'm his main. I got my old account back so just wanted to say hey again.
over 10 years
+k for a bad beat from Jack the Stripper.
over 10 years
Sorry me love!!!
Criminal Minds has been on a lot and I've been studying for finals <3
over 10 years
Congrats on 5000 Points and nice post -

Lol. Have fun
over 10 years
ty for kudo :)