Bye losers. Don't think for a second I won't miss any of you, cause that is just your delusional side. Might want to have that checked fyi.

https://epicmafia.com/user/582615#/ - Saturos

https://epicmafia.com/user/612908#/ - Francoise

https://epicmafia.com/user/596772#/ - bunni

https://epicmafia.com/user/553582#/ - gayoak

https://epicmafia.com/user/716175#/ - GenericWeeb

ecat - https://imgur.com/ymy68qI

edoge - https://imgur.com/70oGXjl


almost 7 years
youre a scrub
Better to be a scrub with a good alt then be a scrub with a sucky one.
deletedover 7 years
do u wanna fite me?
I dont beat up doges, I am animal friendly. Become more human and I will give you the luxury of me kicking your ass.
anonymousalmost 8 years
do you wanna fite me?
you're anon, if you really wanted to fite me you wouldn't hide behind that. Come fite me then bruh.
deletedover 8 years
my karma is too low to comment but ur autoplay is nice
Thats oke, who needs karma anyway. Glad you enjoy the swing on my profile thing.
almost 11 years
Trade or do not want, time/datestamp included


13 / 20He's Batman
11 / 20Super Sleuth!
6 / 25Explosion!
6 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
3 / 20Do No Harm
almost 6 years
its a big thing, i love having the last word, also im too zombie to function i took your holy advice jesus and im going to the quacks later oh and unlucky nobody cares where i work
almost 6 years
i still got the last word tbh and shouldn't you be working scrub
almost 6 years
good morning you child
almost 6 years
oh my god i hate u
almost 6 years
oh same do you want a drink ill make you a nice cocktail, life is hard let's have a toast to alcohol
almost 6 years
how's life treating you
about 6 years
hi stranger
about 6 years
Hey, I heard that you are the greatest user of all time? And that one day I wish to be just as amazing as you?
about 6 years
for some reason, the site shows as if i didn't give you karma, but dont worry, i fixed it
over 6 years
howdy pardner
over 6 years
you sir are an inspiration
over 6 years
dont be sad, be glad
over 6 years
karma returned
over 6 years
rebels are hot
over 6 years
Oh no you know too much gotta ddos again
almost 7 years
im harassing you rn
almost 7 years
ya dare imply there are people who are not weebs on this website
almost 7 years
succ my non birthday cucc entil
deletedalmost 7 years
nice music choice
deletedalmost 7 years
haha, fo sho, they are so bitter they got rocked that game, but true, what i did was fishy, but does not warrant any suspicion for cheating