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almost 8 years
who dis
almost 8 years
I love casper a lot. No homo he is so cute that I just want to big spoon him and touch his chest, he makes me feel awkward each time he is here (no homo). Every time he's online I always make sure to establish my dominance and ask how he is doing, then I visit his profile and check the new comments and questions then stare at his cute avi.... no homo we talk about everything and anything, sometimes I just forget to message him and my day feels empty. It makes me happy and I enjoy it when he calls me daddy. I got into him way too fast and I'm going to blame him because he's a huge and I love it. He has no idea about this but I wish I was gay so we could be lovers, I didn't want to tell him about this, I'm afraid of rejection and don't want to feel bad (no homo)
about 8 years
+k for being a cool cu*t
about 8 years
Let me tell you a story, ok?

Once upon a time, I'm not from Iran.
deletedover 8 years
over 8 years
heres my nice comment
deletedover 8 years
shut up idiot
over 11 years
i love youuuuuuuuu
over 11 years
get 40 more pts kk
over 11 years
pls I posted on everyone's profile because I was bored and had the ability to do so, while waiting for games to be made. :3 Wtf you have random friends
over 11 years
you make me laf u adorkable dinosaur