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This site is bad, and is a waste of time. Do something else, you will be happier.


about 8 years
Wil you be my lawyer
yes you seem like a good man who does not have jars of aids peanut butter in his basement
anonymousabout 9 years
do u listen to swans??
anonymousabout 10 years
do u listen to swans
yes soundtracks for the blind is my favorite album by them glad to help you out
deletedabout 10 years
:D :D :D
over 10 years


11 / 20Super Sleuth!
6 / 10Scumhunter
5 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
2 / 25Explosion!
2 / 20Do No Harm
about 5 years
my swans posts all aged like milk
about 6 years
Girallon . . .
deletedabout 6 years
that’s what they call me
deletedover 6 years
miss u 2
about 7 years
the seer is still a great album
about 7 years
about 7 years
Tears in yr eyes :):):):)
about 7 years
Wow mad
over 7 years
I think it's time to strike the Jack quote.

It dates you.
over 7 years
Oh lol. I didn't know I posted that. Yeah I lived with my cousin for a couple months then went to the military later. Thanks for checking up. :)
over 7 years
No, when was I homeless? lol
over 7 years
Hi. :)
almost 8 years
2013 was 8 years ago.
almost 8 years
it was a bad day and i feel bad
about 8 years
your butt is alive :^)
about 8 years
also true
about 8 years
this wall is dead
over 8 years
do you shower with your dad?
deletedalmost 9 years
sink my teeth into your scalp, take a nice big bite >:)
deletedalmost 9 years
stop joining my games from now on. because you are throwing games for someone. All you did was lynch the guy who was obvious town as he decided to do the optimal thing. And after that you followed my fos and blamed me for your loss which could have been a win had you let me shoot in blues. If you think that a mafia will ever refuse to shoot who the clear says then you are .