5 / 20Super Sleuth!
2 / 20Do No Harm
deletedabout 12 years you are banned from training lobby until your gamethrowing violations are null.
about 12 years
about 12 years Please don't inentionally gamethrow by fakeclaiming roles
about 12 years
Gamethrew yet again.
about 12 years
I knew he was cop cause we had a PR who was idle/afk; I assumed cop by chance.

You can only find that out as mafia AFTER you vote. It is one of the small caveats that I don't think even the comp players use to bubble claim the cop with ... very very very advanced playing, even for me. I just know when it happens, not sure how to claim it as mafia yet.
about 12 years - If you want to continue playing like this, I will happily ban you.