West Lafayette

seriously watch that video

I play LoL feel free to add me Last Empire Ruin spaces between each word I also play xbox live El Toro De Loco spaces there too

almost 12 years Please don't suicicde just because your team is losing.
about 12 years
You are a motherfucker. Suing isnt part of the game, you cant sui to prove your sanity you bitch. And you are the one who sui'd when I was lyncher and you where my target too, you are a cunt, coward. Learn to play
over 12 years
Despicable. I have reject your friend request and will reject any futher advances to me. We are DONE professionally, epicmafially, spiritually, and seriously.
over 12 years
Plus k
over 12 years
I hate you sometimes.
over 12 years
Hi there~