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Hi there, I am Pandaaa and I love pandas because they are kyoot. Anyways, I will try my best to win on whatever side I am on. I NEVER TROLL. All of my actions are 100% legit and are planned out. I do not just act stupid/cc/other crazy stuff for trolling, it's a tactic.

If, on the VERY rare occasion that I suicide, then please know that it's probably due to a disconnection. I NEVER suicide just because the other side is winning and/or I hate my role. I stick all of my games out til the very end.

Epic Scumhunting. Cop/Doc dies D1/D2, and village still ends up winning. :)

Also, if you +k me, please comment on my wall so I can +k you back. And if you -k/neg me, then please post on my wall telling me why you negged me. I truly want to understand why you negged me so I can fix my actions and improve. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do neg me for my actions, then please consider my actions from my pov, not yours. After you die, you get to see who is mafia and who isn't; while I'm still alive, I do not have that luxury.

And no, I am not the type of player who negs you because you negged me. I'm actually mature enough to look at it from your pov for why you negged me. Maybe others are, but I certainly aren't one of them.

Games that make me want to SMH:

Longest game ever played. Cop tries to guilty me d1 and push for some obnoxious lynch on me. Ended up going in a 3 way, and I ended up hammering correctly.

Your skill in reading has increased by 1 point. Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a great day :)

deletedover 12 years
Plussed for being a good partner in a noob town who believes noob cops with guilty on their cc d1
over 12 years
you going down next time XD.... sensing a rivalry between us till i beat you.... you convincing pandaaa
deletedover 12 years
Great play as mafia! Balls to the walls pays off sometimes. K+
over 12 years
Wow.. that town. The last blue was retarded for not realising that it had to be between him and fellow who you guiltied. And the fact that you both said your claims at the same time made you look obvious cop. Town was stupid. Maximum was a prick. calling you stupid and bad at the game when in actual fact, he looked like a complete douche the entire way through. He also saved mafia n2 instead of being on a random so he fails hard. Plussed for good copping. I wouldnt have voted against you
almost 13 years
+k'd. That was amazing, one of the sneakiest mafia moves I've ever seen and I totally fell for it :)
almost 13 years
+k'd youuu
almost 13 years
HAI! :3