I started streaming recently because my friend suggested it to me after I escaped from a Thai prison and lost all my money. I was tortured in the prison and lost everything, even my shoes! I was hospitalized twice and fell off a mountain after avoiding border patrol. I had the Thai mafia closing in on me and I had to make a move. After fleeing across the mekong river and crossing the jungle narrowly avoiding landmines, I reached Laos. I turned myself into the U.S embassy, got a new passport, paid a bribe in Laos, and crossed legally into Vietnam.

My friend agreed to give me some money if I started streaming my life. He's been trying to get me to do this for 2 years now, but finally I agreed(recently). I've had so much fun since i started and I love every one of my viewers and am grateful.

I'm a bit mysterious, I know. I've had a very eventful and strange life. I've petitioned for political issues in California, was a semi-pro gamer, been in movies and TV shows, opened a Camel Safari in India, an English school in Cambodia, taught in China, became a cryptocurrency & Bitcoin trader, and have had many unforgettable experiences all across the world.