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Hello, I am a piece of martian shit. I come from a planet unknown to any of you humans, I came out of my masters ass 4 and a half years ago. My master forgot to flush the toilet, and I floated out of the toilet (due to lack of gravity) and then eventually floated all the way to earth. I am trying to become a part of this society but there have been many prejudice humans not wanting to deal with crap like me. Assholes.

WillianGallis: <3 GraceGallis: <3<3 martianpoop: <3

jayfin2: You feel fucking irritated by Botamon.

Bettie: yay, take back what i said about bed feelings

draquish: Greets.

(Michael is dead at this point) Micheal: who is mafia? SexyPuma: How don't you know? SexyPuma: your the freking yak Micheal: sorry

GaryOak: I worry about boobs sometimes.

Allislut: sprincer's computer is doing something good!

Hypersoft: WELL GUESS WHAT NOOB NO ONE LIKES YOU GET OUTA HERE sonhan: oh well that cool martianpoop: nuh uuh Hypersoft: Jk sonhan has suicided!

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martianpoop died protecting McDonalds! Morox has stolen your identity! Morox, the bodyguard, has died a bloody death.

martianpoop died protecting pitts12!

martianpoop died protecting HOLYMOLY!

martianpoop died protecting DeanD!

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