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I won't be playing until my gamethrow violation is overturned and I receive an apology. I have asked mods to specify which rule I broke on the rules page and have been ignored. Apparently after 10 bloody years and nearly 4000 ranked games on this site, it is NOW that I decide to start throwing games. My partner and I disagreed on who to kill, neither of us changed our vote - but since I voted seconds after them and we both waited 2 minutes to go to kicks, I'm the one that gets punished. I even tried to play off as confused on day 1 as to why there was a no kill. The best bit is... we WON THE GAME. Despite all of this, mods are ignoring me and refuse to admit their mistake. I received a game throwing violation, despite showing no signs to want to lose the game. There is no rule that states first person who votes is the person that gets to decide the kill. I didn't wait until kicks to vote and force a no lynch. Even a note would be unfair, but to receive a full vio and a temporary ban?! What the fuck happened to this website?