Mod abuse:

  1. Violation given to Plukatafor Banned User https://epicmafia.com/report/43151
  2. 9 vios between Nevermaf/ScumbagGF/JannedCop https://epicmafia.com/report/68231
  3. Banned user 'NeverMaf' https://epicmafia.com/report/116857
  4. Banned until June 21st, 2016. https://epicmafia.com/report/164884
  5. 8 Violation Ban - To be unbanned on Wed Jan 18 16:05:41 EST 2017 https://epicmafia.com/report/188789
  6. GT 3rd - lobby banned until 8/23 https://epicmafia.com/report/210034
  7. Game throwing 3rd - lobby ban unban date: 29th of October 2017 https://epicmafia.com/report/226322
  8. 8 violation ban - unban date 3/25/2018 https://epicmafia.com/report/238457
  9. unbanned 30th of june https://epicmafia.com/report/246027
  10. To be unbanned 10/22/2018. https://epicmafia.com/report/252891
  11. Unbanned on February 16th, 2019. https://epicmafia.com/report/259871
  12. eight violation ban - unban date: 18th june 2019 https://epicmafia.com/report/265888
  13. gamethrowing 3rd - lobby ban [UNBAN DATE: NOVEMBER 20, 2019] https://epicmafia.com/report/275380
  14. http://epicmafia.com/report/280192 - 8th violation ban - To be unbanned March 21st, 2020
  15. https://epicmafia.com/report/286258 - GT 3 - Lobby Ban - Unbanned 25/07/2020

A- https://epicmafia.com/topic/93292

B+ https://epicmafia.com/topic/94816

B+ https://epicmafia.com/topic/95024 For being someone that's been banned multiple times you're actually really good at convincing people. Not just that you're town, but also that your reads are right. You are very good at the art of persuasion. Obviously you sometimes blow up when people don't believe you and that's never a good look. When you come back, think about ways to make people believe you instead of just imploding.

A- https://epicmafia.com/topic/95038 Besides all of the bans and how annoying you can be. You are actually a really good player when you aren't being a troll. Your reads are probably the most impressive part of your game. You out the correct reads almost every game I'm in and you have the ability to carry a town. Call me crazy but I think you're A- Tier

B+ https://epicmafia.com/topic/95019 While your stubborn playstyle can be very obnoxious to some, you generally are very good at getting your point across/dominating the game, and I think you don't get MLed on as town very often. You also generally have good reads. Sometimes you have trouble explaining the reasoning for certain moves/strategies to others in the game without insulting them and in doing so, you're unable to convince the town. Overall, B+ tier