About Me

Hey there ! :) I'm hotjacket and you'll usually see me chilling out at the Survivor Lobby ! I just recently joined the lobby nine months ago, and I'm grateful for everyone who has granted me this fun adventure !

Aside from the Survivor Lobby, I appear occasionally on the main lobby as well ! I'm also what you would call a minor "gamer", so you can hook up a PM if you'd somehow wish to play games with me on steam.

I'm also somewhat an anime and manga fan , or what you would call a weeb. So I'd be pretty down for a dank weeb discussion! I'm a pretty friendly guy overall XD , so don't be shy to appraoch me !


  1. 26/6 - Trophy Game #11 - Bronze Trophy (My first Trophy !! :D)

  2. 23/7 - Morning Trophy Game - Silver Trophy ( 3-2-2 Vote Ugh !! My second trophy !! :D )