in love with cutelatte

joined november 2012

several times i have been a noavi, and you could too:

my cat's name is mickey:

join the cool colours club:

if you're playing on firefox and you want to select text check out this forum post for the CSS attribute to change:

if you're named after coffee, or like coffee, feel free to message me for a coffee family invite ꀯ( .‿. )

fun times

versions of my avatar

mizzmox did me a solid please look at this beautiful thing

nooby also drew my avatar and i love it and its lil wrinkly smile

Guiser hints

  • most likely guiser, please remind me to take off the probability tokens
  • my important emotes are :flufu: :knifufu: :mickey: :party: and :care:
  • also use ;-; a lot and sometimes an uwu, also a :thonk:
  • no caps, even on i, i usually do apostrophes though.
  • lots of newlines
  • to laugh i use "bahaha" with variable numbers of ha, or lmao if someone made fun of me for evil laughs recently
  • lots of swears
  • please talk about my cat his name is mickey i love him and sometimes he does a lil stretch and puts his paws on his face