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EpicMiners Extended \O/

about 7 years

> Heyyyyy guys!! > > What's up? Been a while huh? > > I've been pretty busy doing nothing around here, and also expanding > the Legendary EpicMafia Faction Minecraft Crew, also known as > EPICMINERS CREW :3


We've started all of this a year ago in a deep chaos, going from servers to anothers, making huge and awesome creations on wilderness...

...but also deep underground :O


Unfortunately for us, despite all our efforts and skills to avoid being griefed, the servers where we started our crew didn't have enough griefing protection so cheaters were able to go through everything :'(

After that disaster everybody split up and went on different routes, while i tried hardly to keep the rest of the faction living...which i did.


Hopefully someday a miracle happened: TeamExtreme Server v3 opened his gates and had the protection we all wanted: anti-griefing system and strong banning system.

A fresh reborn of the fac has started. However lots of you decided to abandonship since you were tired of rebuilding stuff.

Well guess what...


That server got everything we need to expand safely without being annoyed by griefers!!

-> Economy System: you buy whatever you want thanks to mining and selling resources Note: You can also build your own shops within your faction!!

--> Multi Games Servers: You have different zones for everything (/pvp /shops /factions etc)

---> A strong community with 600 players slot and forums

----> VIP system so you're able to get extra stuff (for the fac or yourself)

-----> No griefing or pvp allowed, unless on some specific zones

-------> Block tracking system: if someone griefes you, an admin is able to track down who moved the blocks and insta-ban him!!

--------> Block backup system: if you're being griefed, the admin restores what got stolen/destroyed and insta-bans the dude/cheater

Looks awesome huh? Told ya that may interest you ;) ---------> All the server rules avaiable here:


If you keep reading this and still interested into joining us well, welcome aboard!

However before getting started to all of this, you will need to register on server via a quick tutorial.

When completed, all you will have to do is join us on B1 server (server has 4 different servers for factions) so we will be able to invite you inside the fac :)

Good news: server accepts both PREMIUM AND CRACKED MC games :)

Server address: Server map (google style):



When you registered your account, use these commands to navigate through the server:

  • /portal : to select a server/game
  • /kit starter : to get a mining starter kit
  • /ch h : to select help channel and get informations
  • /ch w : to speak to currrent server's channel (where you are)
  • /ch g : general chat (everyone)
  • /seen EpicSides : to see my last login


Next meeting is set up for March 1st. Leave a comment here or be sure to be on the B1 server with a registered account at this time :)



If you're interested into more details about the faction and it's creation, or if you're feeling nostalgic, then please check these topics:


First topic: Ending of first fac: Minecraft Reborn (TeamExtreme Server):


Old FAC pics: New FAC pics: Taur's album: Underground Headquarters Pics:

Minecraft Reborn: Summer 2016 - Now Pics:

Sign that petition...
3 signed
...if you're willing to join EpicMiners Reborn!
Let me know what kind of MC player are you?
I don't like MC.
I was here, and i want to come back!
I wasn't here, but i'm interested into joining!
I was here, and i don't want to come back.
I wasn't here, and i don't want to be part of it.
about 7 years
Unfortunately literally NOBODY wanted to join us.
I guess EM doesn't like MC anymore...

Missed it? Your next chance will be this summer :)

Cheers y'all!!
about 7 years
Yeah EpicMiners sounds better.
about 7 years
emsc sounds like an acronym for a prison system
about 7 years
I DID NOT WISH TO JOIN EPICMAFIA REBOOM or something I just pressed on the button because I did not think I had enough points!
about 7 years
Thanks for your interest guys.

No obviously there won't be any meeting since nobody cared about the topic. Looks like EM people don't like MC anymore, or just left the website.

I'll plan another meeting but i will send private invitations first so i cansee who will be really interested into joining us.

about 7 years
is this just a big meme
about 7 years
Is it really a meeting if just one person attends?
about 7 years
Few days remaining before the meeting!!
Be sure to make a post here if interested!
about 7 years
Aw thanks guys so overwhelming <3
Btw meeting is @ 5PM not whatever the countdown is saying :)
about 7 years
simply exquisite
deletedabout 7 years
ebic thread