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EMBB Trophy Game Records

about 8 years

EMBB Season 9 - 73 Days - August 15, 2018 - October 27, 2018

Hosts: nattless, yousef, beastman2764, XFire, eat, jewlia

Gold: Zacharae (4-2 Jury Vote)

Silver: Morgan

Bronze: FFSierraDamnThomas

Fan Favorite: Zacharae

Player of the Season: FireDragonPrince

Jury: FFSierraDamnThomas, Borrach, FireDragonPrince, Uprizzle, powerofdeath, cjn104

Game Thread:

Cast Reveal:

EMBB Season 8 - 73 Days - April 3, 2018 - June 13, 2018

Hosts: HighSpace, nattless, yousef, Lelmoo, jack

Gold: jewliagay (4-3 Jury Vote)

Silver: ISamEI

Bronze: SirAmelio

Fan Favorite: qrstuv

Player of the Season: qrstuv

Jury: SirAmelio, emsledge, qrstuv, Korimax, beastman2764, Goldd96, jakeyy

Game Thread:

Fantasy Draft:

EMBB Season 7

Hosts: Otherscott, Ally, Lelmoo, Eatemuptigs, Alyx, Ahrre

Gold: jbomber732 (6-1 Jury Vote)

Silver: Hedger

Bronze: Knife

Fan Favorite: MonteCarrlo

Jury: Knife, MonteCarrlo, 100GOD, yuujin, DevonW02, 39Daleks, bboy29

EMBB Season 6: All-Stars

Hosts: Otherscott, nattless, HighSpace, Cammy, FireDragonPrince, cjn104, SirAmelio

Gold: Zeezo (8-1 Jury Vote)

Silver: ahrre

Bronze: calvin

Fan Favorite: annajane

Player of the Season: jessys/yousef

Jury: calvin, annajane, jessys/yousef, UltraAug, BobbySmith, ZodiacBeast, xSoniaNevermindx, Voice, jack

EMBB Season 5 - 63 Days - April 9, 2017 - June 10, 2017

Hosts: Jessys/yousef, Otherscott, Ally, FireDragonPrince, cjn104, powerofdeath, Cosmoiswatching, nattless

Gold: Firestone (5-2 Jury Vote)

Silver: arisuu

Bronze: bryce1997

Fan Favorite: ahrre

Jury: bryce1997, ahrre, alexroberts, tillie, eatemuptigs, nostalgicpurposes, Hyperro

Game Thread:

Fantasy Draft:

Game Stats:

EMBB Season 4 - 73 Days - January 11, 2017 - March 25, 2017

Hosts: HighSpace, Jessys/yousef, Otherscott, Cosmoiswatching, Annabelle, Cjn104

Gold: Nattless (5-3 Jury Vote)

Silver: Zeezo

Bronze: Ally

Fan Favorite: Bonk

Jury: Ally, UltraAug, Ciere, Bgeas15, FireDragonPrince, bonk, Jellofish, JAtotheCOB, LolaInSlacks

Game Thread:

Fantasy Draft:

Game Stats:

EMBB Season 3 - 85 Days - September 16, 2016 - December 11, 2016

Hosts: HighSpace, BobbySmith, Cosmoiswatching, Jessys/yousef, Annabelle, Gerry, Bgeas15, xSoniaNeverMindx, Cjn104

Gold: N1ed (5-2 Jury Vote)

Silver: Otherscott

Bronze: uglyOS7

Fan Favorite: jakeyy

Jury: uglyOS7, jakeyy, calvin, coolkidrox123, cinnanie, Ginga, atlantis

Game Thread:

Fantasy Draft:

Game Stats:

EMBB Season 2 - 88 Days - June 18, 2016 - September 13, 2016

Hosts: Emmy, HighSpace, BobbySmith, Cosmoiswatching, xSoniaNeverMindx, Cjn104, Surfman

Gold: Jack (4-3 Jury Vote)

Silver: Deandean

Bronze: Jessys/yousef

Fan Favorite: Jessys/yousef

Jury: Jessys/yousef, Annajane, Qrstuv, AmericanScone, Hotjacket, ShadoNinjaX, Annabelle

Game Thread:

Fantasy Draft:

Wikia Page:

Game Stats:

EMBB Season 1 - 80 Days - March 27, 2016 - June 14, 2016

Host: Emmy

Gold: Cosmoiswatching (5-2 Jury Vote)

Silver: Cammy

Bronze: Cjn104

Fan Favorite: Voice

Jury: Cjn104, BobbySmith, Giovanni, Surfman, Powerofdeath, Voice, xSoniaNeverMindx

Game Thread:

Fantasy Draft:

Wikia Page:

Game Stats:

EMBB Records:

Total Competition Wins: S7 Hedger (11)

Most HoH Wins: S1 Cammy (5)

Most PoV Wins: S7 Hedger (7)

Most Nominated: S1 Surfman (6)

Most Eviction Votes Against: S3 Logan & S6 Jack (16)

Longest Un-nominated Streak: S1 Cosmoiswatching (13 Weeks)

Longest HoH Win Streak: S1 Cammy (5 Weeks)

Longest PoV Win Streak: S7 Hedger (4 Weeks)

Most PoV Saves: S1 Surfman (4)

over 6 years
whos jessys?
over 6 years
All the records aren't :3
over 6 years
over 6 years
Sorry what season are you talking about Knife?
over 6 years
can we include embb7 so i know it wasnt just a fever dream of mine
almost 7 years

Markus says

hi sorry can you flip the order of jury for embb5 so it's consistent with the first four seasons, it's been bugging me since forever

no I want my name to be first
deletedalmost 7 years
hi sorry can you flip the order of jury for embb5 so it's consistent with the first four seasons, it's been bugging me since forever
almost 7 years
Unfortunately I never finished this past the Fast Forward, but I've been meaning to post this for a while.

This is the EMBB5 confessional, stats and goodbye message tracker.
over 7 years
this should be updated
almost 8 years
Congratulations to Jack for winning the Second Season of EpicMafia Big Brother in a 4-3 Jury Vote against Runner-up, Deandean!

Jack will be receiving a Gold Trophy & $30 Dollars!

Deandean will be receiving a Silver Trophy!

Jessys will be receiving a Bronze Trophy!

Jessys also won this season's Fan Favorite!

Gerry will be receiving $20 Dollars for winning this season's fantasy draft!

It was an amazing 88 day adventure, that I'll never forget. Thank you to all of the players for putting in the time every single day for almost three months straight to make for such an entertaining, heartfelt season.

Thank you to all of my cohosts for sacrificing your time to ensure the game never missed a beat, whenever I couldn't be there!

Thank you to all the fans who have followed and interacted with the season, we do it all for you guys!

Link to thread:
about 8 years
emmy rigged it
about 8 years
Congratulations to Cosmoiswatching for winning the very first ever EMBB Trophy Game against Runner-up, Cammy in a 5-2 Jury Vote!!!

This was a 2 and a half month long game, so I cannot possibly sum it up in a small post here... but all I can say is this was an incredible experience, and I thank all of the players who participated and made this season something special!

Congratulations to Cosmo, Cammy, and Cjn for receiving Gold, Silver, and Bronze Trophies!

I will be updating everything, and posting a worthy summary of the season in a few days, stay hyped for EMBB2 starting on June 20th!!!