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Strike System:

If you fail to follow the rules, you will receive a strike. If somebody receives 3 strikes, then they will be removed from the game, and banned from ever playing an EMBB again.

Competitions & Votes:

Cheating in Competitions: If a house-guest cheats in a competition either by editing their score, helping somebody else or receiving help, they will be removed from the game.

Failure to Submit in Competitions: If a house-guest fails to submit in a competition, they will receive a strike. House-guests who know they will be unable to submit can avoid strikes by letting the hosts know they won't be able to submit, however if somebody keeps doing this often, the hosts may give out a warning and possibly strikes.

Failure to Submit: If a house-guest fails to submit in a vote or goodbye messages during eviction, they will receive a strike.

HoH Failing to Submit Nominations: If the Head of Household fails to submit nominations, they will be given a strike along with a 3-hour grace period. If after 3 hours, there is still no submission, the HoH will become a nominee themselves, while the runner-up in the Head of Household competition will instead become HoH.

Voting: Once you vote, you cannot change your vote.

Screenshots, Quoting & Recordings:

Screenshots of Conversations/Diary Rooms: If a house-guest sends a screenshot of a conversation with other players or anything from their Diary Room, they will receive one strike, and they will receive a formal warning about how doing so again will get them removed from the game.

This also applies to skype-integrated quotes, which are impossible to forge.

(Note: You may c/p conversations since they can easily be altered, they are not concrete proof of anything, however you are NOT allowed to c/p anything from your DR.)

Recording of Voice/Video Chats: If a house-guest records a voice/video chat and shares it (that contains information about the game), they will receive a strike, and a formal warning stating if they do it again they will be removed from the game.


Behavior: While I understand that the game sometimes get personal and feelings can get hurt, there are certain lines that may not be crossed. Insults towards sexual orientation, religion, race, mental disorders etc. will lead to a warning. If arguments go too far and the host feels it's necessary to intervene, they may also be given out warnings. If somebody receives two warnings, they will receive a strike and if it happens a third time, they will be removed from the game.

Inappropriate Material: Since not everyone is above the age of 17, there must absolutely be NO x-rated material or links posted in the house chat. If a player(s) does this, they will be given a strike.

Outside Interference:

Viewers Interference: If somebody from outside the game interferes with it by sharing information and helping players in the game, they will be banned from being able to play a EMBB in the future. The player(s) who benefited from the leaked information will also receive a strike in the game.

Evicted Players Interference: Evicted players who do not make the jury are held to the same rules as the rest of the viewers.

Jury Interference: Once you are evicted, you are out of the game, even if you are on the jury. If a jury member interferes with the game after being voted out, they may risk losing their jury spot and banned from returning.

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"Jury Interference: Once you are evicted, you are out of the game"

What if your name is Voice