Epicmafia in doges2

lmpIying3mon 27d

Hey lads

Slow day at work, so i can do what I do best : entertain myself and forcing you guys to watch me doing it.

The point of this topic is also to teach new people to play the game and immortalize history.....with doges

I will find typical situations in epicmafia lore and immortalize them using emotes. It's like painting or sculpting. The main character will usually be a doge

I will also pick fun moments in games and turn them in pieces of art, you can give me games to immortalize

or maybe i will be bored and this topic will be dead in two days



lmpIyingMay 28, 2019
Maf bussing another maf
Rainmaker making it rain :
Illu making it look like a town shot another town :
coolkidrox123May 28, 2019