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hi, so it’s 1 am and my semester ended and i have this one week to relax before i start my summer classes and work. i think that it’s a perfect time to write opinions online in paragraphs so that when school starts again, i can still write properly.

so, if you want, feel free to ask for an opinion and i’ll respond with one long paragraph.

i know i done this before with the opinions, but this time i’m going to be 100% honest, and i’ll be writing more rather than 2 sentences.

i should be using grammarly since i bought it but this kid is lazy so i'm not. if there's any grammatical errors, just yeah ignore them.

opinions start on page 2 apparently.

yeah apparently i failed algebra because i'm pretty sure these are more than one paragraph.

also update: my new job and summer school are going great!


page 2: emma, songin, coolkidrox123, lesbianpirate, superspooky, alyssa, d3x, pjm, justin, zofia, alexandra, syd

page 3: eadin, ozil, milton1234, citadel, emily, mssbooklover, sasuke

page 4: bramble, january, tzin, luis4rod, conan, nacl, meg, leb

page 5: muki, darkb, take, veggielord

page 6: wink, ivana, meowmeulinn, jela, linke, sherk, rat, cozy

page 7: misterpresident, thecolonel, cabblorp, doggo, okiedokes, xtal, dia, blister

page 8: evo, canterburyegg, bennywinter, bannanxd, vanityprime

page 9: alexandra (part 2), moldyches, returnofthemack, tanb

page 10: myx, brutal, kickinbananaz

page 11: emily (part 2)

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