ama pt. 6929

syd7mon 5d

im bored and need constant attention to stay alive

ask me a million questions ktybye

sydMay 13, 2019
whoa im in this
i would die for you
sydMay 14, 2019
time to reboot this ama
amourMay 14, 2019
-what language have you always wanted to learn
-breakfast or dinner
-biggest dealbreaker?
sydMay 14, 2019
-what language have you always wanted to learn
-breakfast or dinner
-biggest dealbreaker?
i want to be fluent in italian, i took it for like 4 years in high school and forgot how to formulate sentences properly

breakfast 100%

im not sure if you mean relationships or friendships but it applies to both, if someone is a yes-man type who blows smoke up everyone's then it's a deal breaker
eadinMay 14, 2019
doggoMay 14, 2019
fifth shall remain on the top, everyone else is just a casualty
sydMay 14, 2019
i get scared you secretly hate me bc my first impression for you was prob omg this sydney b.itch is crazy. but i think everyone hates me. anyways, i think you are a lovely person and im so glad you pmed me and we became friends, i hope we can get closer one day bc you are a great person and you've shown already you're a great friend, love you eadin :)
doggoMay 14, 2019
also post pics of ur dog pls
sydMay 14, 2019!
also post pics of ur dog pls


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fu.cking b.itch


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