Drunks, Mimics, Bombs, and Ninjas2

Spirit3mon 5d

There's a bug in the interactions between mimic, drunk, bomb, and ninja. This affects the setup Drunken Disguise Party - https://epicmafia.com/setup/376185 - aka DDP.

In a situation where the mimic steals the bomb role, on the same night that the ninja kills the mimic, and the drunk roleblocks the ninja, the mimic will die and take the role of the bomb, but the second voting mafia will not die because the role swap occurs after the death action.

This is because the mimic action takes place AFTER the night kills have occurred, so the mafia are not killing a bomb, but a mimic. Once dead, the mimic takes on the role of the bomb.

In this game - https://epicmafia.com/game/6920817/review - the effect was to clear the ninja, because he was roleblocked on the night the bomb was killed, but the second mafia did not die.

In other games this could falsely make players appear to be guilty after they are saved from the explosion by a doctor.

deletedMar 16, 2019
this isnt really a "bug"

the other side of the coin is that if the mimic steals bomb and the mafia kill BOMB instead of the mimic taking on bomb, they'll blow up but there will still be a 2nd bomb and the death will appear as blue, because the "explode" action happens before the "mimic" action

it's more of a "feature" and how the mechanics fall than a "bug". it's the order that the night actions go
SpiritMar 18, 2019
ok look it's just for lucid to look at and decide whether it's what was intended!!