time to15

pomf1mon 8d

separate the real from the fake

Queso or salsa? Triangle chips or scoop chips?

xela1mon 8d
salsa and scoop chips
pomf1mon 8d
salsa and scoop chips
ok that’s not what u said u loser
LesbianPirate1mon 8d
queso and scoops sometimes triangles stab my gums
leb1mon 8d
triangle chips so u can make loaded nachos duh
meowmeulin1mon 8d
We, White people, with the first pick of the 2019 Race Draft select LeBron James!
Ally1mon 7d
queso and triangle
SinB1mon 7d
salsa and triangle
cute1mon 7d
triangle adn salsa

personally i like pico de gallo and all the spicy salsas
shady1221d 14h
salsa and chips (??)
SteelixMega21d 12h
Sht this is actually a hard one.
mssbooklover21d 10h
mazbi9d 5h
salsa scoops or you're a savage

salsa and scoop chips
meg9d 2h
the real question is scooping vs dipping in salsa


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Not food related but