accidentally using tokens4

mac2mon 13d


i had this problem last night where i accidentally wasted 2 tokens on saving a game history. i wasnt even in the game, i didnt read it, i just clicked it by accident. the admins cant refund me or remove the game save... id like to reverse it and get my tokens back, but if thats not possible at least get a popup that says "are you sure?" before paying for it. because i swear ill probably make that mistake again. and im dying.

xelaJan 10, 2019
i'm not lucid but i read this
lingJan 10, 2019
yeah i used to have like 200 tokens then i switched mains and it disappeared
lingJan 10, 2019
also the tokens scaling system is so dumb its not worth to buy anything but 30$ worth
blacksnakemoanJan 10, 2019
almost like he wants you to pay more

y would he want that