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shayneismyname19mon 11d

Idk how many of you know this about me, but im actually really big into movies. & I see that there aren't any threads discussing movies active at the moment, so let's make one. Link yall Letterboxd accounts (here's mine and let's all just talk movies in this thread. Maybe we can do some rabbit streams or something

destaJan 29, 2019
also very disappointed john krasinski didnt even get a nom
shayneismynameJan 30, 2019!
Super, super stoked: Criterion's streaming service is launching April 8th!!!
shayneismynameFeb 10, 2019
Oscar predictions now that the BAFTAs are out of the way?
BlessedBaphometFeb 10, 2019
why do you want more streaming services what is wrong with u
no offense
shayneismynameFeb 10, 2019
why do you want more streaming services what is wrong with u
no offense
I'm notmally skeptical of new streaming services too, but Criterion focuses or more classic and prestige stuff, and also restores and remasters films. A lot of these probably won't make it to Netflix and whatnot. Also, they're gonna have a ton of bonus features on their streaming service. They got a super solid catalog that's ever-growing. (
shayneismynameFeb 15, 2019
Looks like they're going to air all awards at the oscars live after all. What a sh*tshow this all has been.
shayneismynameFeb 24, 2019
Oscars tonight. This thread better get Poppin. My picks:

picture: roma (upset: green book)
director: cuaron (lock)
actor: rami malek (upset: christian bale)
actress: glenn close (upset: olivia coleman)
supporting actor: mahershali ali (upset: grant)
supporting actress: regina king (upset: rachel weisz)
original screenplay: green book (upset: the favourite)
adapted screenplay: blackklansman (upset: can you ever forgive me)
cinematography: roma (upset: the favourite)
editing: bohemian rhapsody (upset: vice)
costume: the favourite (upset: black panther)
makeup and hair: vice
production design: black panther (upset: the favourite)
score: if bealle street could talk (lock)
song: shallow (lock)
sound editing: first man (upset: bo rap)
sound mixing: bo rap (upset: a star is born)
visual fx: avengers (upset: first man)
animated: spider man (upset: incredibles 2)
doc: rbg (upset: free solo)
foreign: roma (upset: cold war)
short animated: bao (lock)
short live action: marguerite (upset: skin)
short doc: period. end of sentence (upset: black sheep)
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