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With all these peons created threads about opinions I'm assuming us intellectuals need more stimulation for our minds. Thus, I shall be creating this Non-Opinion thread ;or "Facts" for you simpletons; to show you a bright and glorious light in this time of great darkness.

I shall only be sharing with you fellow users pure, unadulterated facts to contrast with all these weak, unsubstantiated opinions.

Ye Opinions Beware. Lest thee be destroyed next!

4thNightFacinorousAug 18, 2020
On average, 24 people a year die from being hit by champagne corks.
4thNightFacinorousAug 19, 2020
Some snail species have been known to sleep up to three years if the climate is too warm.
4thNightFacinorousSep 5, 2020!
The election for Bristol South in the 1979 general election had Labour incumbent Michael ̶C̶o̶c̶k̶s̶ beat Conservative challenger Terry D̶i̶c̶k̶s̶ .
4thNightFacinorousSep 15, 2020
During a meeting with Nicholas Murray Butler, the 29th President of the United States, President Harding, said "I am not fit for this office and never should have been here."
calpisSep 15, 2020
the moon is made of cheese
babybaby73Sep 16, 2020
I like at least 80% of you
4thNightFacinorousSep 19, 2020
Monowi in Nebraska has a grand population total of one. The one resident, Elsie Eiler, is an 87 year old women who is mayor, bartender, clerk and librarian of the town.
4thNightFacinorousOct 26, 2020
Only female wasps are able to sting.
4thNightFacinorousDec 15, 2020
Hot water will turn into ice faster than cold water according to the Mpemba effect.
4thNightFacinorousDec 15, 2020
Since the 1960s, Firefighters have used wetting agents to make water wetter.
4thNightFacinorousDec 16, 2020
Onychophagia is the compulsive habit to bite one's fingernails.
4thNightFacinorousDec 16, 2020
The medical doctor Donald Unger cracked his knuckles of his left hand every day for more than sixty years to show that knuckle cracking didn't develop arthritis. In 1998, Unger showed that his left hand had not develop arthritis.
4thNightFacinorousDec 18, 2020
A Dunce cap; apparently used by the great theologian Duns Scotus to supposedly stimulate the brain to acquire knowledge faster; was originally a sign of intelligence and scholarship for well over 200 years.

It was only when the followers of Scotus disagreed with many aspects of the Renaissance did many protestants turned the word dunce into an insult.
4thNightFacinorousDec 22, 2020
After the Labour Party won in a landslide in 1945, The Conservative Party agreed to modernise their platform and agree with many of Labour's proposals. Winston Churchill was looking at a draft which stated support of considerable nationalisation, widespread workers rights and working positively with the Trade Unions.

He declared happily that on this platform the Labour party would be unelectable and be crushed in the next general election.

He was rather shocked to learn this was the basis of the Conservative Manifesto.
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