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Sandbox Survivor Tuvalu


Cast Reveal and Fantasy Draft:

Final Immunity Challenge - Prove Your Worth Again

Welcome to your final immunity challenge! At the beginning of the season, we asked you to prove your worth, and now, it is time to do it again to earn yourself a spot at the Final Tribal Council. This challenge will have four parts, which will test your proficiency in all parts of the game. First place in each challenge will receive 4 points, second place 2 points, and third place will receive 1 point. Because there are four parts, you will have three days to complete this challenge.

Challenge 1: Memory Lane Trivia

When you are ready, ask for a host in your confessional chat, and then ask to complete the trivia portion. If there is one available, we will ask you 15 questions about events in the game, and you will have 30 seconds to answer each question. You may NOT discuss this challenge with the other castaways.

Challenge 2: Endurance

In this challenge, each person competing is going to have their own Skype group. At increasing intervals, you will post screenshots of you holding the button at By increasing intervals we mean once you start you will hold the button for 1 minute, then 2 minutes, then 3 minutes, and so on and so forth. Don't forget to include Skype in your screenshots.

If you make a mistake your score will stay the way it is prior to your mistake, but it will not increase with subsequent posts. You can choose to restart, but doing so resets your score to 0. Deleting incorrect posts will be checked, and will count in mistakes.

At the end of the 24-hour period, your time will end. The player with the highest score at the end of the 24-hour period will get 4 points, second place 2, etc...

Challenge 3: Flag Designing

You have the whole time available to design a merge tribe flag! It will be judged on creativity, design, and effort.

Challenge 4: High Tea

You have to play a resource management flash game! Enjoy the last flash game of the season!

XFireJul 7, 2018

Detailed final immunity results
XFireJul 7, 2018!
deletedJul 7, 2018
my final speech: *farts*
XFireJul 8, 2018
XFireJul 8, 2018
XFireJul 8, 2018
XFireJul 8, 2018
XFireJul 8, 2018
XFireJul 8, 2018
XFireJul 8, 2018
XFireJul 10, 2018
Don't forget to vote for the Fan Favourite of SBVV! (Hosts and players of this season are not allowed to vote or campaign!)
XFireJul 13, 2018
Sandbox Survivor: Tuvalu's finale and reunion will be tomorrow, 14th of July, at 3 PM EST.

Last chance to vote for the Fan Favourite of SBVV!
XFireJul 14, 2018
Congratulations Knife for winning Sandbox Survivor Tuvalu in a 5-2 vote over 100GOD! Congratulations also to Sakin for winning Player of the Season, to baabaa and beastman2764 for winning Fan Favourite, to NoAviNoKnowledge for winning Hosts’ Favourite, and to YanmegaMan for winning Most Robbed Prejuror!
XFireJul 14, 2018
That finishes up our first season of Sandbox Survivor! Thanks to everyone who applied and played! And special thanks to my fellow hosts who were there for every blunder I did! It was my first hosting experience and I hope I did not make too many mistakes along the way!
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