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What is it?

It is a conspiracy theory that all of history before a certain time period is completely made up.

According to the theory, there was something terrible and massive that affected our lives and everybody had to have their memories wiped to prevent that history from happening again.

Theorists believe that the people who were in charge of fake artifacts being planted into the ground and made up fake history to tell "stories" were French brothers Jean-Paul and Yves Bibot, men who were active in the scientific, archaeological, psychological, and theorist communities.

More Ideals of the Theory

According to most analysts of the theory, they believe the reset date to be 1960-61 as it was a big transitional time that led up to all the "decade phases" around the world. Also people who were adolescents during that time and before have seemed to completely forget about what happened before those times.

Also, the company that administered the memory wipes was called Memory Delta, and it was made up of anonymous scientists that specialized in the temporal lobe research to create chemicals in people's brains that altered their general memories to believe something else happened. They also put the people through simulations to give suggestions as towards people's occupations and life status as well as giving false reasons for being hospitalized.

Memory Delta has been estimated to have over 10,000 members of which had been distributed around the world to commence what they called Project Delta. Each of the members are said to be "intelligent matchmakers" who delivered the false histories well.

Examples of Impact and Fake History

A lot of people believe the years of the Memory Wipe to be early 60's because of a few stories from the point of view of the believers.

  • The World Wars and the Holocaust. Many people think that the amount of technological revolution that occurred during the years 1912 to 1945 is unrealistically possible. People speculate about the events that led up to World War II, and they believe them to be oversimplified stories meant to influence our actions.

For example: The Great Depression teaches us to not have doubt in ourselves during times of sorrow, The Stock Market Crash of 1929 is supposed to take away our trust in the stock market and allows us to choose our own destiny, The Dust Bowl is supposed to explain the current weather phenomena of the Midwest, etc.

  • The Korean War, the American Civil War. Many people believe these civil wars to be examples of people-led rebellions that led to governments squaring up in battle. People also believe that it led to the rise in competition between republic governments and communist governments to make others believe the past was real. The Korean War is said to have caused the Vietnam and Cold Wars.

What is said to have caused the Memory Wipe?

People who are aware of the theory assume it was a nuclear war that affected many people, and had many people remember what caused it, and most people didn't want the future generations to repeat history and create a permanent end to mankind.

Others assume other ideas: mass depression with a vigilante group related to Memory Delta convincing the population to "start over", a government-enforced propaganda to give respect to authority, and some believe that Memory Delta were aliens with mass mind control-type abilities who tried to bend humans to their will.

Possible Evidence of This

There are people on the streets who claim to remember the "war" described in the last section. These aren't typical people, they are typically homeless old men and some women who claimed to have "not been taken, not been changed".

Also there are videos about odd places wheresay, gravity doesn't work, or it makes weird noises coming from the sky, or appear to have been haunted. Many estimate those to be effects of whatever is hidden in the "true history", most specifically aliens, or biological weapons' radiation waste.


Given what has been approximated by historians, there was a system of technology very similar to digital technology that relies on sensitivity and brain waves to code, so it is more of a biological/natural technology than digital or binary electrical coding.

A nuclear war would have definitely been possible and could have affected several places that have become relatively ruined today such as Central Africa, the Northern South America, and Southern Asia, as there is evidence of plants and animals that went extinct during the late and middle 50s.

As far as our research takes us, dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures are found to be realistic, so it is assumed that the accuracy of history is about right, just distorted to allow for some erroneous adjustment for change.

Now for the general public

What are your thoughts about this? Give comments in the box below.

viewApr 30, 2018
are dinosaurs included in this
ZhuorbApr 30, 2018
Where do the Reptilians fit in here
SteelixMegaApr 30, 2018!
The theory doesn't include much about prehistory, but it is assumed to be realistically describing the evolution of animals up to humans while somewhat distorting the times. For example, the Big Bang still happened at same time, but pretechnology history is very distorted.
SteelixMegaApr 30, 2018
More responses pls
ArmyApr 30, 2018
interesting theory
ArmyApr 30, 2018
by decade phases you mean...

reggae, hippies, drugs, rock&roll, disco, war propoganda, gangs, more drugs...etc?

in their own respective stereotypical decade?
ArmyApr 30, 2018
any reasons as towards the Bermuda Triangle Incidents?
ArmyApr 30, 2018
davidlmaoApr 30, 2018
interesting premise but until you provide some evidence that isn't anecdotal i can't take it seriously
MajesticTerrapinApr 30, 2018
I didnt read this i just wanted to post.
ArcApr 30, 2018
i can't believe some of you read this
SteelixMegaApr 30, 2018
by decade phases you mean...

reggae, hippies, drugs, rock&roll, disco, war propoganda, gangs, more drugs...etc?

in their own respective stereotypical decade?
Yeah sorta
SteelixMegaApr 30, 2018
interesting premise but until you provide some evidence that isn't anecdotal i can't take it seriously
Theory is based on possibility and logic, not hardcore evidence.
SteelixMegaApr 30, 2018
i can't believe some of you read this
i can't believe some of you posted without reading
SteelixMegaApr 30, 2018
interesting premise but until you provide some evidence that isn't anecdotal i can't take it seriously
For the record, I am not that close in liaison with the original theorists.
Clockwise26Apr 30, 2018
If it is based on logic, wouldn't it be more logical to think we are a simulation and whoever made the simulation provided history and and the ''decade phases'' and all the morals, rather than aliens or the government managed to make all of this up and cover it?

How long ago would the nuclear war have taken place, considering there aren't such high levels of radiations in any place on earth? (especially Africa since that's where it was supposed to have taken place right?)

Why is there no ''leftovers'' of the bio-technologies as they're described there? And for example no ruins that could evoke a nuclear zone?

If it was a government idea or even if it was a scientist's idea, why would we ''restart'' from a state of tension (cold war, kurds, Palestine, North Korea, etc) and not just make up a history where countries are at (Relative) peace? In 1983 the doomsday clock was at 3 minutes from midnight, I wouldn't call that a much safer and nuclear threat-safe world, which is what you assume was the reason to restart.
SteelixMegaMay 1, 2018
deletedMay 2, 2018
is there an underground hollywood dedicated to filming pre-1960s film
SteelixMegaApr 2, 2019
Bring this back.
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