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ICouldBeYourDad22mon 20d

If you're living with a mental illness of any kind whether it be Bi-Polar, Depression, PTSD, Dyslexia, or even if you're like me and have anxiety it can get really sometimes, obviously some mental illnesses aren't as serious as others but I'd like to take this time to share some stories (good or bad) that have happened to you guys.

It can be a real pain to live with and its frustrating when people don't understand. For those who don't know I have anxiety and I suffered depression but I would rather not go into that.

So I guess this is a support thread or something I'm not sure. Ask advice on here or stuff like that feel free to say whatever you want that isn't insults or abuse

ArmyAug 28, 2019
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AwnyySep 1, 2019
I will be that guy;

Dyslexia is not a mental illness, its a neurological condition/disorder

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder
nicoISep 2, 2019
So Ive had a long history with eating disorders. Its something I am quite open to talking about. I had it in high school, i lost about 10kg and went down to 52kg. That led to several health problems with me. I became very unhealthy, but people always told me I look greated when I was smaller, so I stayed it. I dont think anyone really realised that I wasnt eating a lot of food. I would hide it with snacks.
When I went to Uni I gained a bit of weight back - 10kg from drinking and drunk eating maccas. Although this, due to having an eating disorder I only found out 1 year later. I didnt realise i was starving myself or i did, but i didnt realise HOW SKINNY I WAS.
It was really difficult for me to put back on the weight. Just felt ugly and gross. At this time, guys stopped paying attention to me, so I felt like this was the reason why.

TODAY: I lost the weight again. Im not as skinny as I was, but have jsut been diagnosed with BDD, So the way i see myself and my body in particular/weight is a lot bigger than i actually am.

It is weird stating this online, as its not really something i talk to ANYONE irl too. But I wanna show that not everyone is perfect, and there is a bunch of underlying issues people face but might not front. AND ITS OKAY TO TALK XX
nicoISep 2, 2019
IDK why, but in NZ, not only mental health is not talked about a lot, but in particular eating disorders.
Ive never seen a pamphlet, we never talk about it in health class, never seen anything on the news.

Its a very underrated topic, that i think a lot of people struggle with
nicoISep 2, 2019
> me realising this is an old thread :c
SpookySep 2, 2019
> me seeing Nicole online which makes me happy
Validor9d 19h
I have high functioning autism and have difficulties with fantasy and reality distortion and am hyper emotional. It was undiagnosed for 15 years and during that I was severely bullied to the point I stabbed someone and ended up in a mental hospital and jail. I have been for the most part better now and am a youth leader in my church and going to bible college but I just kind of feel myself spiraling again. I don’t know why but I just don’t value myself right now and am slipping into my fantasy again with Validor.
glow6d 14h
my friends told me im schizo but idont see it
Nice to see this is still being used
warm6d 3h
i haven’t been diagnosed or anything but I feel like I have emotional lability. i just suddenly will be fine one second and i’ll randomly start feeling really depressed and I don’t know why. it’s kind of like i’m heart broken but all the pain is just emotional. anyone experience something like that before? here’s a google definition

- Emotional lability refers to rapid, often exaggerated changes in mood, where strong emotions or feelings (uncontrollable laughing or crying, or heightened irritability or temper) occur. These very strong emotions are sometimes expressed in a way that is greater than the person's emotions.

but i don’t think i have any specific triggers like google may say you have with this
What mental Illness do you have if any that you suffer from the most?