Endorphins15mon 12d

Anybody play csgo, more specifically esea?

What are your ranks? Im looking for anyone B or higher that wants to play as I get back to where I was last year skill wise. I am ranked B right now.

bewilderedMar 13, 2018
I only play matchmaking. Currently Supreme.
EndorphinsMar 13, 2018
Ayyyyyyyyyy, I cant stand mm anymore.
epicyoyoMar 14, 2018
oh my god. as soon as i saw there are csgo players here i was so hyped. then i realised i'm so . mg here boiss
EndorphinsApr 10, 2018
I played a game eariler with witmer and wrath, a D rank, and the other team was all A's. me and my buddy are rank B.

Was good times.
xelaApr 10, 2018
What is this alphabetical rank shenanigans
how2playApr 10, 2018
I have blue eyes
EndorphinsApr 11, 2018
Esea. MM is garbage and a B rank is basically SMFC.
BannanaxdApr 11, 2018
I bet zela is a silver 1
xelaApr 12, 2018
MGE was as high as I got before quitting but I never really played competitive that much
BannanaxdDec 8, 2018
can someone please explain why they made battle royale and made it free to play
NegraDec 8, 2018
because its dying
VindraDec 10, 2018
I love how CSGO's big obstacle is hacker and smurfer and dev be like : WELL WHY DONT WE LET EM ALL GOING IN IN BATTLE ROYALE