EpicMafia Drinking Game335

JM12334mon 26d

Epicmafia drinking game:

1- Everytime youknowwho makes a thread, everyone takes a shot

2- Everytime nevermaf gets banned, everyone takes a shot

3- For every day the round gets paused, everyone takes a shot

4- Everytime pranay does a new strategy that ruins a game, everyone takes a shot

5- Everytime Sonseray makes a long shitposting argument, everyone takes a shot

6- Everytime someone has a gay argument with Jeff, everyone takes a shot

7- Everytime JM123 self-promotes something, everyone takes a shot

8- Everytime xxerox complains about the mods, everyone takes a shot

9- Everytime Zippy reports someone, everyone takes A SIP

10- Everytime soda switches his epicmafia girlfriend, everyone takes a shot

11- Everytime dzanek makes a romantic post about role mechanics, everyone takes a shot

12- Everytime Becomeclear posts song lyrics during games, everyone takes a shot

13- Everytime Greninja makes a serie of sarcastic posts, everyone takes a shot

14- Everytime a member of the BUNNY TOSS TEAM gets banned, everyone takes a shot

15- Everytime Arcbell hacks something, everyone takes a shot

16- Everytime DreamGate is directed as DatGuiser, everyone takes a shot

17- Everytime somebody trolls with eyer4pe text in-game, everyone takes a long chug of apple cider vinegar

18- Everytime Sammie farms trophies on her lobby everyone takes a shot

19- Everytime Giga makes a boring video about strategies, everyone takes a shot

20- Everytime Volta drops a dank meme, everyone takes a shot

21- Everytime Blister deletes his account due to bad reputation, everyone takes a shot

22- Everytime sevenseas gamethrows without getting a vio, everyone takes A SIP

23- Everytime the mod team shows they don't give a duck about having justice, everyone takes a shot

24- Everytime charley says she loves jess, everyone takes a shot

25- Everytime someone posts in pics pls without posting a picture, everyone takes A SIP

26- Everytime a dingdong like abc or luke cheats, everyone takes a shot

27- Everytime brownpimp007 or soda trophies, everyone takes a shot

28- Everytime vilden catfishes someone, everyone takes a shot

29- Everytime a sandboxer says sandbox > main, everyone takes a shot

30- Everytime pranay f*cks your mom, everyone takes a shot

31- Everytime Billstickers posts the goatman, everyone takes a shot

32- Everytime someone makes a "post and I'll rate you" thread, everyone takes a shot

33- Every time a notorious banned user gets away with bypassing despite their identity being obvious, everyone takes a shot

34- Every time Gerry goes like GT GT GT GT GT GT GT GT, everyone takes a shot

35- Every time itg makes a bad judgement of a player, everyone takes a shot

36- Every time denial fights for justice in the rules, everyone takes a shot

37- Every time juneau makes a thread saying we're all losers, everyone takes a shot

38- Every time nicole says naughty things about linker, everyone takes a shot

39- Everytime Showboat tries to advertise liars dice on the forum, everyone takes a shot

40- Everytime someone screws up a autowin, everyone takes a shot

41- Everytime someone makes a suggestion for this thread, everyones takes a shot

42- Everytime yoyo200900 makes one of his essay threads, everyone takes a shot

43- Every time the site breaks, everybody takes a shot

44- Everytime someone writes a long thread about leaving the site but comes back right after, everyone takes a shot

45- Everytime GuyFawkes85 slowrolls to avoid a veg, everyone takes a shot

46- Everytime elise comes in the middle of drama only to write "hello", everyone takes a shot

47- Everytime someone gets creeped out because of Burial's avatar, everyone takes a shot

48- Everytime ivana brings too much positivity, everyone take a shot.

49- Everytime Carmen suggests some dumb strategy everyone takes a shot

50- Everytime BiggestG ISP's, everyone takes a shot

51- Everytime someone gets banned for being abc although that person isnt actually abc, everyone take a shot

52- Every time spadez presses "f" to pay respects, everyone takes a shot

52- Every time Dyl claims to be good at mafia, everyone take a shot

53- Everytime krystena acts like hateful c*nt, everyone take a shot

54- Everytime Bebop drops a good meme in the forums, everyone take a shot

55- Everytime Mouth is mad, everyone takes a shot

56- Everytime people ask to demod someone, everyone take a shot

57- Everytime Mucs1337 wastes people's time by slowrolling 10 minutes every day in a game, everyone take a shot

58- Everytime Edark says '...everybody cheats...' everyone take a shot

59- Everytime Zovea sucks in a game, everyone take a shot

60- Everytime GaryThompson GT's, everyone take a shot

61- Everytime Thirty complains about something, everyone take a shot

62- Everytime betmen trolls in a game, everyone take a shot

63- Everytime a user with questionable past becomes a mod, everyone take a shot

64- Everytime Orly acts paranoid, everyone take a shot

65- Everytime someones makes a tier list, everyone take a vodka shot

66- Everytime Petri aka Sammie cheats , everyone take a shot

67- Everytime the site is so dead that we can't even fill one game, everyone takes a shot

100- Lucid logs in ---> Everyone chug an entire bottle of absynthe

More things will be added when i find them to be meme enough, you can submit things too

Let's see how drunk we'll get

deletedMay 29, 2020
I wanna see a football tier list from you, JM
bansheewhatMay 29, 2020!
Shots I would take: 2, 4, 9 (hi zippy), 17, 19 (??), 26 but replace "cheat" with "spamming games" or "doing seriously notorious stuff", 32, 33, 34 (hi gerry), 49 (?), 55 (hi Mouth), 56 (I WOULD CAPS LOCK NUMBERS IF I COULD), 61 (no hi's for Thirty), 62 but he definitely trolls less nowadays if he qualifies as a troll 28 months ago (also hi betmen), 63 (*coughs* who's g*ift), and lastly 65 (synonymous with number 32 though)

So yeah...
VeggieLordMay 29, 2020
i feel like 22 and 60 are the same thing, but you know, all the more excuse to drink more :^)
JM123May 29, 2020
i feel like 22 and 60 are the same thing, but you know, all the more excuse to drink more :^)
lmao thats indeed a repost, well spotted

i'll update this soon, and ill put in specific alcoholic drinks per line
NeverJestJul 10, 2020
Make one a mimosa one hard liquor tastes nasty
JM123Aug 12, 2020
46- Everytime elise comes in the middle of drama only to write "hello", everyone takes a shot
saw this one recently
JM12329d 8h
new one

66- Everytime Petri aka Sammie cheats , everyone take a shoty
dont know how could i forget this one

bottoms up everyone
deleted26d 16h
Long live the BUNNY TOSS TEAM
deleted26d 16h
Cl0udyyy is legend RIP
deleted26d 16h!
JM12321d 10h!
2- Everytime nevermaf gets banned, everyone takes a shot
once again we drink for this

since the creation of this thread we drank several times thanks to nevermaf

now nevermaf got sitebanned so his meme dies here but he will never be forgotten

to you, a final shot of tequila
the person in #1 is HoldenRye, right? or is it mtlve? perhaps yoyo? zovea? nevermaf? karmatica?
VeryBest18d 8h!
mtlve. but she reported it for "harassment" so i took the name out
Every time somebody posts a video on wall without context
take a gun shot everytime someone says soccer
or when JM says he is "playing with his balls"
JM12312d 7h
67- Everytime the site is so dead that we can't even fill one game, everyone takes a shot
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