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Hello guys, my name is DatGuiser. I am making a forum page for continuing on an idea that KinkajusRevenge had about a Cryptic Clues Challenge. So I decided to make my own.

So the challenge is... I list a whole bunch of random words with hints, and a few of those words form an anagram for a name of a user.

For example:

Star, Drift, Rise, Brain, Mast, Claim, An, Guide, Leave, Dust (2, 8-9)

this means that it is made from two of the above words, and it the name is 8 or 9 letters.


For the record, not all of these people are well known, but there are no names with numbers, so that gives way more options. The way to send the answers is by Personal Message to DatGuiser.

  1. Chive, List, Balls, Practice, Brainstem, Cave, Filed, Craft, Nu, I, Haste. (2, 10) Shmeur gets 1 point.

  2. Risk, Exam, Carol, Knee, Caress, Naive, Win, Pile, Damn, Onto, Area. (2, 9) Shmeur gets 1 point.

  3. Knoll, Knead, Sack, Call, Moron, Dial, Find, Wire, Carp, Vane, Null, Forte. (2, 9) LucidIsMe gets 1 point.

  4. Okay, Nine, Item, Crisp, Wind, Down, Ice, Lie, It, Price, If, Do, Far, Pal, Man, The, Ran, Diners, Frisky, Paranoid, Somali, Enable, Bran, Floss. (3, 11) LHarney gets 1 point.

  5. Gray, Post, Gore, Table, Rat, Flan, Grape, Child, Able, Flat, Neck. (2, 8-9) LucidIsMe gets 1 point.

  6. Pine, Kickers, Pill, Rot, Tat, Dam, Densely, Road, Gale, Farm, On, Pa, Clap, A, Arms, Final, Granule. (2-3, 10-11)

  7. Veg, Tin, Rum, Chin, I, A, Mu, Lip, Pope, Dim, Laugh, Bale, Daft, Clues, Nihil, Europe. (2-3, 9-10) LucidIsMe gets one point.

  8. Rust, Fine, Yo, Phi, Clip, Fly, Dill, Dragon, Lynch, Verse, Poise, Jade, Jeans, Joyous, Plate. (2-3, 11-13)

  9. Chills, Rust, Grate, Carbon, Ploy, Team, Dip, Chi, Die, Gag, Van, Pi, Rho, Doppler, Grasp, Figs, Zany, Yak. (2-3, 9-11)LucidIsMe gets 1 point.

  10. Buck, Paranoid, Copper, Argued, Fists, Filth, Hype, Sine, Kiwi, Tar, For, Car, Sit, Ape, Quick, Xi, Shell, Par. (2-3, 8-12)LucidIsMe gets 1 point.

  11. Tart, Ride, Solemn, Vanity, Clique, Organ, Gape, Point, Ride, Block, Golgi, Prism, Clay, South, Lovers, Draw, Frack, Quaint. (2, 8-12) LucidIsMe gets 1 point.

  12. Fetus, Skid, Milk, Engage, Platoon, Embrace, Emotion, Pie, Pin, Fill, Is, Us, Diploma, Your, Lace, Cling, Gibbon, It, Ay, Axe, Con, Poultry. (1-4, 8-12)LucidIsMe gets 1 point.

  13. Lemon, Oxide, Dream, Gaze, Quietly, Remix, Ace, Pens, Yip, Age, House, Fez, Glade. (3-5, 13-15)

  14. Dexterous, Groceries, Binary, Confess, Transform, Biblical, Tablecloth, Eta, Rage, Iota, Why, Yam, Poi. (2, 12-15)

  15. Uganda, Tell, Tank, Tab, Bloat, Bar, Zip, Flies, Am, Co, Et, Irony, Women, Sabre, Blue. (3-5, 12-16) Shmeur gets 1 point.

  16. As, Can, Pan, Grab, Java, Wipe, Tan, Just, Nerd, Freaks, Bile. (2-4, 9-14) LucidIsMe gets 1 point.

  17. Cuban, Pain, Di'ck, Climb, So, On, Later, Firm. (2-4, 9-13) LucidIsMe gets 1 point. Shmeur gets 1 point.

  18. Apron, Sprite, Sage, Have, Jail, Drop, Sir, Jelly, Nickel, Air, Flag, Grin, Fourth, Flirt, Viva, At, Point, Pints, Bravo. (2-5, 6-16) Shmeur gets 1/2 point.

  19. Cryptic, Phobia, Rhombi, Injure, Eleven, Twelve, Tau, Yay, Might, Quebec, Infamy, Look, Dust, To, With, Now, Luck, Insult, Three. (2-5, 10-15)

  20. Soil, Ruler, Deal, Missed, Blanket, Sorrow, Clam, Mixed, Up, Mode, Right. (2-3, 7-17)

  21. Craze, Twin, Host, Loss, Lye, Cafe, Ghoul, Domain, Haiti, Lactic, Pa, Ma, Kill, Smear, Robotic, Maze, Mime. (2-5, 7-18)

  22. Daffodil Mustache, Examined, Dramatic, Paranoia, Mink, Munch, Muscle, Relay, Pawn, Hermit, Line, Kind, Mince, In, To, Go, Sick, Slur. (3-6, 10-18)

  23. Really, Fish, Scout, Fire, Scale, Quake, Reason, Xenon, Crown, Break, Yell, Arrow, Drive, Venue, Lock, Chime, Resume. (2-5, 9-16) Shmeur gets one point.

  24. Throw, Float, Anagram, Stop, Count, Valor, Habitual, Totem, Hook, Distance, Char, Lithe, Ion, Rebus, Right, Swim, Confuse, Is, Di, Bi, If, In, It, Mr, I. (4-5, 10-16) LucidIsMe gets 1 point.

  25. Gold, Link, Hawk, Hark, Response, Specimen, Like, Tank, Stout, Fat, Thick, Bold, Broth, Frolic, Enjoy, Troll, Damp, Create, Discover, Innovate, Super, Quit, Poll, Stock, Dig, Harsh, Fill, Server, She, Stone, Title, Forest, Stage, Process, Region, Anti, Cesium, Royal, Month, Knight. (2-4, 10-20)

I hope you guys enjoy this challenge, if you have any questions (other than what the answers are), ask them in the comments section below. Remember, answer through personal messages to DatGuiser, otherwise people might steal your answers. I will give points to the first two people to answer each question.

Good luck!

Whitepimp007Jun 27, 2017!
Oh, I forgot about this. I used Python to print that out. What if I guess a username that is a username, but not the one you intended? Do I still get a point?
deletedJun 27, 2017
you get a half point
deletedJun 27, 2017
but it doesnt count. for example, u guess one that is not intended, you get a half pojint, but you get a full point if you are the first twopeople to get it right.
deletedJun 27, 2017
deletedJun 30, 2017
bump it again
OrienteeringSep 1, 2017
OrienteeringSep 1, 2017
i will remake this
SteelixMegaOct 3, 2019
this was epic.
SteelixMegaJan 29, 2020


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