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  1. Treat people nicely.
  2. Play games when you join them. If you don’t think you can finish a game, consider not joining it. Unexpected things may happen and you will need to leave a game, and we understand that. Just don’t make a habit of suiciding or vegging.
  3. Don’t spam the lobby wall, chats, or forums.


Detailed Cheating Rule:

Premade Alliance Rule:


  1. First violation: 1 week suspension - (Expires in 3 months)
  2. Second violation: 1 month suspension - (Expires in 6 months)
  3. Third violation: Lobby ban

Expiration's added on 02/02/17 - all lobby bans before this date do not apply to this new rule.

Please note: if you receive a second violation during your first violation expiration period, the expiration's will stack. (EX: If you receive a second violation during the third month expiration period of your first violation, you will now have a nine month expiration period for your two violations, etc.)

There may come an instance where a violation timeline will be different, or it may not have a timeline at all, depending on the severity. Generally, this will not be the case. But it may happen, so you are advised.


Inappropriate Content - Any suggestive or vulgar comments, photos, or posts fall under this category. While lobby chatrooms are much more lenient in regard to this rule, the forums and lobby wall are treated the same as other lobbies. Any posts breaking this rule will be dealt with as needed and chat/forum/comment bans will be enforced for repeated violations.

Hateful Comments - Any form of severe or excessive hate speech or hateful language based on race, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, mental capabilities, and other personal circumstances. They are not to be used in any situation. First offenses will result in a warning, repeated violations will result in temporary restrictions from lobby chat, forums and commenting.

Harassment - Repeated and/or severe personal attacks toward or slandering another user who is offended by the things being stated or implied. Note that a third party may submit the evidence if the harassed is unable, as long as the harassed has previously stated that they were offended/the third party provides evidence that the harassed was offended.

Outing of Personal Information - Outing personal or privileged information without permission, or threatening to do so/have someone else do so. Threatening to OPI, OPI’ing or doxing will lead to an immediate ban from Survivor, the severity of the incident will determine the length of the ban.

X-rated Material - Posting links or images that are considered to be x-rated anywhere in Survivor, including comments, forum, and chat. X-rated material in one's profile, avatar, or status counts toward this as well.

Bypassing Suspensions - Using an alt or creating a new account to bypass a suspension of any kind, this includes assisting with by-passing. Helping someone bypass by posting for them on the forums can also lead to this violation. Impersonation - When a player pretends to be another player, excluding disguising. The player being impersonated must file against their impersonator.

Inappropriate Avatar/Name/Biography - Name/Avatar/Biography that contains pornographic content or is highly offensive. Users found to have any of these will be banned from Survivor and requested to change their name/avatar/biography. They will then be able to message a lobby moderator to unban them.

Sharing Account with Banned Users - Self explanatory. This includes allowing use of your account to bypass suspensions. Also includes giving your password to a friend and them giving it to a banned user. Your account is your responsibility.

Lobby chat is moderated for HC, harassment, OPI, and x-rated material. Any instances of these violations in chat will be dealt with accordingly.

Spamming is rarely moderated in Survivor games and is fairly lenient in lobby chatrooms, just remember not too spam too much in lobby chats, as you may be permanently kicked. Don’t spam the lobby wall, chat, or forums or your posting/chatting privileges may be revoked.

Trolling or antagonizing other players, disrupting games through actions or communications, or otherwise playing to get negative reactions from other players. This includes the forums, lobby chat room, and lobby wall. Trolling is moderated on a case to case basis with discretion. We reserve the right to ban trolls.

Community rules still apply to the Survivor lobby. In certain instances, site moderators may handle our lobby reports. Make sure you’re following all the community rules at, as well as the rules listed here.

CammyFeb 2, 2017