Just pranay things279

deleted53mon 18d

post funny things pranay says/does

i need a thread i can come back to so i can laugh at parlay

GerrySep 13, 2018
Still one of the funniest things i've ever read
ZhuorbSep 13, 2018
that should be a greentext IMO
VapidSep 14, 2018
that should be a greentext IMO
It is green text.
grifiestNov 16, 2018

me, brian. and pranay flip mafs
me janing cop
shady = irreverent is maf
irreverent= im doc

n2 me and brian = lets kill doc and frame shady
pranay = believe me i have so many throphies

town win. the game is ranked
BebopNov 16, 2018
people who picked no in the poll should be banned
ZhuorbJan 8, 2019
had to bump this classic
vildenJan 12, 2019
Pranay WTF are you? This site needs more content out of you!
AwnyyJan 12, 2019
This thread is fucklng hilarious
sineadMar 21, 2019
DkKobaDec 17, 2019
I think it's funny how pranay wont visit us anymore;-; hahaha
JM123Apr 1, 2020
bumping this majestic thread with a moment i witnessed recently

classic pranay
deletedApr 1, 2020
i miss pranay
JM123Apr 2, 2020
good ol' mtlve
betmenApr 8, 2020
JM123Apr 23, 2020
i swear this guy says the funniest things

deletedJun 8, 2020
ZippyvinmanJul 10, 2020!
Can you lie about having a seizure to get out of an ISP vio?

JM123Sep 16, 2020

pranay is offering pranay coupons or something
JM123Oct 27, 2020!

pranay tried to host a competiton between virgins vs people who had sex with new pranay coupons as prize
do you think pranay is funny?