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Hello everyone!

If you are unfamiliar with what EMBB is, I hope this thread can help you out some!

EMBB (EpicMafia Big Brother) is a Forum based Big Brother game, which is also commonly referred to outside of EM as an "ORG" which stands for Online Reality Game. EMBB is also special to EM because first, second, and third places will all receive gold, silver, and bronze trophies!

If you are not familiar with Forum or ORG games, it is basically an online simulation of the real life show. It will last for at least 2-3 months like the show, and the players will always be in the game interacting with one another 24/7, with no breaks in between.

The majority of the game will take place on Skype. So the house chat, the diary room chats, and all of the alliance chats will be through Skype. However, I will constantly be updating a thread on the forums to keep all of the viewers following the game updated on what's happening. (Note: You do not have to get on camera or call at all, it is all text based still)

The challenges will vary heavily, unlike live EM games that are all similar text based challenges, the challenges in this EMBB will consist of: creativity, endurance, flash games, puzzles, mind games, social games, etc. So there may or may not be just one or two "dominate" challenge beasts, since the challenge variety appeals to all types of players.

The perks of playing EMBB?

  • A real time Big Brother experience.

  • A legit finale (no blacklists, real jurors with questions and finalist speeches)

  • A new intense way to play the game, without having to commit to a 8-10 hour sitting.

  • It allows all timezones to come together and play with one another.

  • For those of you who have not had a chance to play a regular live trophy game because of the time differences, or just because you can't handle a long sitting, this is your chance to earn trophies in a different way.

  • There will be no suicides/vegges/people falling asleep! You don't have to worry about your plans being ruined because someone has to leave for some reason or another.

  • A huge new challenge for yourself as a player!

That being said, since this is similar to real life Big Brother, I'll only be accepting 14-16 players. If you do not make it into each season, do not fret, because (hopefully) I'll be able to continue the series and not have any returnees each season. So there'll be a fresh new cast each time.

I hope this explanation helped, and good luck applying and entering EMBB! :)

xSoniaNeverMindxMay 25, 2016
When is it fans vs fav's or All stars I need to play again~
deletedMay 25, 2016
Do not recommend, it ruined my sleep schedule.
VoiceMay 25, 2016
Your sleep schedule was already terrible
SirPeriorAug 31, 2016
Do not recommend, it ruined my sleep schedule.
I barely have a sleep schedule, so I might be good to play if Emmy chooses to graciously extend that invitation to me.
deletedSep 1, 2016
Anyone who plays in this lobby has no sleep schedule
UltraAugSep 1, 2016
lmao someone deleted my comment

truth hurts i guess
xSoniaNeverMindxSep 1, 2016
What is EMBB?

SirPeriorSep 1, 2016
Look at me I successfully necro'd this thread. :)
deletedSep 4, 2016
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Something I own.
VoiceSep 4, 2016
the cringe is unreal
Uglyduckling2929Sep 4, 2016
OMG deandean got 54 dislikes lol. Anyway so if you don't know what embb is you need to just leave right now.
torikateFeb 16, 2019
deandean is the name huh? Thanks UG although this is the 4th different year this has been around
evoJul 17, 2019
so cool
VengeanceSparklingJul 18, 2019
LuxuriousCreamJul 23, 2019
BigtoesJan 2, 2020
H m m