Perks of Having a Hot cousin101

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I have a cousin, who is very handsome. Compared to him I was always a monkey.

He had a good build, great looks, dancing skills, singing skills, flirting skills, and all the skills required to woo girls.

We used to live in the same city since 9th grade. He was the same age as me, but luckily not in the same school as me.

I too had a girlfriend from my high school because my cousin wasn't in it.

During the summer vacation, my parents use to leave me in charge of my house, and my cousin would use it to bring his girl friends.

I will list down the events in chronological order. I will have to run each story by a mod to pass it before i can post it. I don't want an IC vio.

First story:

My cousin asked me if he could play the video game at my place while I go out for football.

I never said "NO" to anything my cousin ever asked. He was my mother's cousin sister's son.

When I returned and opened the door with my key, I heard noises from the video game room. I went in the washroom to wash myself. When I got out, I saw my Library teacher coming out of the room. She was dressed. She had all the make up, but there was no lipstic. I knew something had happened. Because there was no way my cousin would ever have something to do with my library teacher.

She didn't recognize me and just left.

Second Story:

Later me and my cousin talked and he said he scored. I said it was ok to come to my place and do it. Anything for my cousin. That summer was ripe for him. A week later he said he would be coming again and that he wanted me to go away. I said that I'd do anything for him but I needed to watch an episode on TV which I couldn't miss. I knew he had no choice so he and his girl would bear the uneasiness. So I lied to him. He brought home a nice young girl. She said she was from his class. I was expecting the library teacher again. She didn't notice my surprise. I thought she wouldn't even care. She didn't wanna make it obvious to me so she said she came to play video games and asked me to join. I told her that I had to watch the tv episode but since she came for the first time, I'll join her. My cousin probably didn't tell her that they would have company. We played for 30 minutes. Then my cousin called me in another room and asked me to go away. I said I did it to make her think that I don't know what they were up to. He trusted me. Then they locked the room. I really liked her assets. She was not that tall. But I'd do her every day and twice on Sunday. Later when she was leaving I saw her hug him. So she thought she should make it look like it was how she said good bye. So she spread her arms for a hug. I hugged her. Our necks touched each other's. While retracting she felt my bird rising up. I couldn't stop the smile and she smiled back with a wink. We both had a moment of telepathy where we communicated that we both knew what happened with her and my cousin, with me and my cousin, and between me and her.

Third Story:

Now me and my cousin were having a great summer. Because we were up to something that was big, secret, and considered wrong by everybody. Was kind of a big achievement for 15 year olds. I kept talking to him about this indirectly. I didn't wanna act like I was interested in it. Moreover, now the level was higher. As I knew he might bring someone new. This time I didn't have to wait that long. 2 days later he said " aaj fir aunga " (" It's that time again "). I injured my leg the day before. I wasn't sure if I actually injured it. But I felt like I did and that I should stay home. I called my girlfriend too. She was too shy to even kiss me. So I didn't expect anything from her. But she arrived. I told her that my cousin and his gf are coming, so she came. She was being very friendly with my cousin who brought the same girl this time. We played 28 (card game). My cousin then asked his girl if she wanted to see the new video game while I teach rummy to my girlfriend. They went in the video game room. I told my girl " you know, that is his girlfriend. They are making out in that room ". She said " oh nice, lucky girl". I didn't know how to respond. She said that she knows the parents of my cousin. His mom visits her mom quite often. I asked if I could kiss her. I said " I am your boy friend". We kissed. But the thought of my library teacher came to my mind somehow. She was huge. My cousin's girl suddenly walked right in. We were still making out. We stopped. She had come to pick her bag. She smiled at me. It was time to waiver her good bye again. I didn't hug her this time.

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