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Betrayal67mon 28d

Dear citizens of Epic Mafia, the idea of forum mafia should be banished from the streets of our society. This astrocity known as "Forum Mafia 6" created by Jaleb, Epic Mafia user #344720 is an atrocity to our civilization. Lucid worked hard to build the game of mafia. And now, a MOD of Epic Mafia himself has created a game of forum mafia on a SITE that was intended to tarnish FORUM mafia for good? This is absolutely absurd! I cannot stand for this!

I am Betrayal. I am justice. And I want justice for all! An Epic Mafia free of corruption! And therefore, banning Forum Mafia will be the first step towards the end of corruption on EM! Join me fellow citizens and together we will free Epic Mafia from disarray and restore order and justice within our society.

Here are 3 reasons why Forum Mafia should be banned for good:

  1. Forum mafia disgraces Epic Mafia. Mafia Scum was the original forum mafia website. For ages, people played forum mafia on various internet forums and eventually, they hurdled into one corner of the internet known as Mafia Scum. Lucid, the genius he was picked up on the disadvantages and limitations of forum mafia and so he created, Epic Mafia, a completely new system of the Mafia game. Epic Mafia became a more advanced version of the mafia game which allowed for playing the game of mafia to be much easier and simplistic. Therefore, by playing forum mafia on a site where you can play a game of mafia, you are disgracing the hard work Lucid put into this site to make Epic Mafia. Playing forum mafia is like using a landline phone. Why use a landline phone anymore when we have cell phones? Why go back to the dark ages when there's a more convenient system in place? It's autistic.
  2. Epic Mafia was created to replace Forum Mafia. Playing forum mafia on a site where you can play chat mafia is stupid. Why spend days playing slow mafia when you can finish a game of chat mafia within 60 seconds to 60 minutes? Not only are you wasting more of your life but you are also wasting more of your time. And as we all know, time is money. So why waste it? If Lucid were to be aware that people are playing Forum Mafia on his site which was intended for chat mafia, he would display a big sign of disapproval. Jaleb, as a moderator of Epic Mafia and an upholder of Justice, the fact that you deliberately took the time out of your day, to organize a game of forum mafia, is a peace crime. I demand that you are striped of your position of moderator and return to status as a mere plebeian of society. At once!
  3. Forum Mafia is actually hurting the site. The last reason why Forum Mafia should be banned is because it takes away attention from Epic Mafia. When people spend their time playing forum mafia, they could be playing Epic Mafia instead. Therefore, there are less players in general playing Epic Mafia. Therefore, forum mafia actually hurts Epic Mafia. You are killing two birds with one stone. Epic Mafia itself is already hurt so why damage our land even further, Jaleb? Have you even thought this through? The fact that you were the ringleader of forum mafia shows your incapability to think past the level of a 5th grader, my friend. Maybe, you should have done your homework! Because by the looks of things, you don't know what you're doing! Therefore, I ask that you delete your Forum Mafia 6 thread and ban Forum Mafia at once!
recettearNov 24, 2020
makes me sick to see forum mafia currently being played on lucid's website. for shame.
Should Forum Mafia be disallowed on Epic Mafia?