Voodoo in ranked17

deleted74mon 1d

Is voodoo allowed in ranked ? I am asking because of this setup I made. Voodoo is not the most important role, but it's definitely needed, and I would like to see this setup be played as Ranked.


warstolremAug 21, 2014!
cptjohnAug 21, 2014
I would love to see this setup be ranked aw well, it's one of the best setups i've played in a while.
dezeriaeAug 21, 2014
No, we don't allow voodoo in ranked (I love the role too though), because it makes people concentrate on how to type and troll instead of playing. It also discourages talking.

It also gives unfair advantage to mafia, cause you can't really factor in the "luck" what a voodoo death does to a setup.
deletedAug 21, 2014!
While I agree that in most cases, voodoo makes people talk less, that is not the case with this setup.

We played 200+ games (unranked) and people talk a lot, and voodoo kills can be used for towns advantage because of ORC's, who reveal someone when they die, meaning that no guns have to be wasted.

Infact, sometimes orc's attempt to get voodooed by saying the most obvious words in order to reveal the maf.

Trust me when I say this, Voodoo works perfectly with this setup, it makes it balanced.
So before it is completely disregarded, I would like it to be tested out.
deletedAug 21, 2014
who do you voodoo ***
StevenAug 21, 2014!
zzz stop banning roles in red hearts mods

And gold for that matter
thebrontosaurusAug 21, 2014
It also has two guns, which is traditionally left for unranked.

I added some of these roles to Main since there was nowhere besides sandbox to use these roles in an unranked environment. Voodoo has its place, but it is not in ranked play in Main Lobby.

There are a lot of setups that use roles that are popular as unranked setups (not closed role), which is why I enabled them in Main.
deletedAug 21, 2014
hi bronto whats app?
thebrontosaurusAug 21, 2014
Whatsapp is a good messenger for contacting people around the globe.

Not much dude, hope you're doing well. Happy belated btw.
deletedAug 21, 2014
ya doing pretty prime. lots of change around here. kinda miss late 2013
thebrontosaurusAug 21, 2014
Nice use of the word prime.

Yeah man, I feel you. End of summer is always kinda rough. I'm sure things are looking up for you though long term.
GigaAug 21, 2014
Voodoo Lady is not allowed in Ranked in the Main Lobby.
gistofeverythingAug 21, 2014
Could a potential modification of the role make it so that the ban is lifted?
deletedAug 21, 2014
rip voodoo lady. also rip smgs 4 me
thebrontosaurusAug 21, 2014
Could a potential modification of the role make it so that the ban is lifted?
There's really no way to make a role that randomly kills people for saying a word acceptable in ranked play imo. It's a sandbox role.
AnthonyAug 22, 2014
Why is this in complaints
bansheewhatJul 15, 2020
Wtf is that guns and vests and fakes yes it is