Note About Reporting New Players1

thebrontosaurus80mon 11d

Dear Main Lobby,

I've noticed that a lot of people have been reporting new players for making mistakes (in red hearts predominantly), expecting refunds and violations for people who are new and have very little experience.

This clogs up the report system and wastes time for mods who want to get to more serious reports. Please be more mindful when reporting new players for game-related infractions, especially things like GT, which are often mistakes for new players and not actual intent to throw.

Think before you report, and if the player is clearly new - do your best to try and explain the rules to them. If you want EM to thrive, you need to be kinder to new players and help them understand the game. Reporting them is negatively reinforcing and makes them more inclined to leave.

Thank you.

deletedNov 25, 2016!
unlocking this briefly to bump it. please be more accommodating to new players.