hollywood illusions

Thanks to: **Sarah** for challenging me to make a decent setup with illusionist, and being fucking awesome in every way. **Shmeur** for coming up with the setup name, **Shacky** for giving the setup its gold-heart debut ***all my red-heart buddies*** for testing the fuck out of this---- EVEN YOU RATIONALMADMAN YOU FUCKING ANNOYING PRICK THANKS FOR HELPING ME FILL GAMES
about 11 years
shit setup
about 11 years
 Peta 2 hours 10 minutesshit setup
over 10 years
is this shitty setup seriously overtaking the immortal a&d rn?
deletedover 10 years
over 9 years
I feel...obligated to play this
over 9 years
This setup is pretty .
over 9 years
its an illusion
deletedover 9 years
I love you and you love me.
about 9 years
Just dont suck. This is the best casual mainlobby setup by far.
about 9 years
I will just post some proofs for every idiot who still thinks it's good to lynch d1. It is confirmed autolose to lynch d1.
about 9 years
hi! I made this setup, trophied on it, and have played it more than anyone but soda! lynching d1 is optimal! hope this helps!
almost 9 years
I don't particually like it but its a comp setup that not "herp derp rl d1". I'm willing to forgive quite alot for that.
almost 9 years
How to receive a kudo? Yolo-shoot your actress on day start.
almost 9 years
Omg. I'm a top player in this setup. Comp this again so I have a chance to trophy again.
over 8 years
deletedover 8 years
the top 2 strategies lynch d1 and don't lynch d1
about 8 years

he was only being a rational mad-man
almost 8 years
why no lightkeeper? or driver? this setup is too tame