Boondock Saints

For Scum:
If there is 2 Vanilla, there is no Shrink.
If there is an Enforcer, there is no Doc.
If there is a Godfather, there is no Cop.

For Town:
Take care with what is claimed, look at reports, and if you successfully lynch correctly once, use that information to deduce the set-up. GL and enjoy. This set-up is more fair for scum, because a Doc save doesn't completely ruin their chances, while also allowing Town the extra ML.
over 10 years
50/50 at 38, may end up leaning Town.
over 10 years
52/47 at 82
mafia sided on nov 17
over 9 years
Needs the classic mafia part removed.
deletedabout 8 years
no it needs the cop removed -_-