• Chooses one person every night.
  • Will know who visited that person that night.
  • Does not count as a visit itself.
  • Sided with the mafia.

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Armed & Famous played 128 times
almost 9 years
You watched ___ throughout the night. ___ has visited ___.
deletedover 11 years
im gay
over 11 years
Icon should've been a black watcher
about 13 years

man this site is finally getting some roles it's been needing for a loooong time.
deletedabout 13 years
lookout's pic says: *looks away from binoculars* "what the fuck am i looking at"
about 13 years
Oh no he's going to know who's visiting people. He's totally going to know if that person is a doctor, that is so OP guys. It is totally OP for a mafia role to able to learn a townie's role. I'm glad we were able to discern this before we went a few years with a mafia role that could learn a townie's role guys
about 13 years
Lookout: ITS A TRAP!
about 13 years
Uploaded a roleicon, hope you like
about 13 years
This isn't OP.

If there's any issues, just add 3rd party roles or remove whispering.
about 13 years
Maybe he could only watch fellow mafia partners? Just a thought so he can't instantly out a doctor or body guard.
about 13 years
Normal watcher and tracker are not OP because they can be cced. How often do you see a non-trolling townie ccing a mafia?
deletedabout 13 years
Its a maf-sided watcher. Scout is the maf-sided tracker. And it's not suicidal as doc gets one more night to save. And its not OP at all. If you're saying this is OP, then normal watcher and tracker are OP.
about 13 years
so it's like maf sided tracker? nice idea
check mine:
about 13 years
Sg, that's probably the point, to require other strategies than just claiming.
about 13 years
Wow, then cop claiming for doctor protection is suicidal now. Too OP if you ask me.
about 13 years