• Chooses two people to put under the mistletoe.
  • If the players alignments are the same, they fall in love.
  • If players alignments are different, nothing happens and the Mistletoe is alerted that the love failed.
  • Wins if everyone alive is in love with someone. Does not win with town.
  • Is converted to Mafia if visited by a Hooker.
  • Sided with the third-party.

In popular setups

mist played 554 times
Fancy 3P played 154 times
about 6 years
Для русскоговорящих, которых путает описание роли:
• Системные сообщение про любовь никому не приходят.
• Влюбленные вместе не умирают.
• Любовь учитывается только для победы мистлетое, никаких эффектов она не дает.
• Не путайте эту роль с купидом, он влюбляет игроков, мистлетое только чекает.
over 7 years
this role can still go to hell
almost 8 years
The system messages show up in the night. You have to go back to see whether your targets fell in love or not.
almost 8 years
Mistletoe can joint with town if both Mistletoe and all those un-mistletoed die at the same time. For example, if Baker and Mistletoe visited Celeb but the Baker died, and the Celeb was the only one left alive, then the Mistletoe can win with town.
almost 8 years
needs system messages, i had a game as mistle and i paired everyone yet nada
deletedabout 8 years
this seems kind of old but if a mistletoe picks two corresponding lovers something big should happen (i.e. auto win, changed into lover, etc.)
deletedover 8 years

Amnesiac and Santa fall in love just fine. I thought it was limited to Town/Mafia/Third alignments?
over 8 years
Can you please change her to be a friendly 3rd so she can joint with townies, like alien does? And also be able to claim with a report
over 8 years
kiss kiss fall in love
almost 9 years
why is one of the more townsided thirds a town hostile role
deletedalmost 9 years
great role. the legend of mist the mist lives on
deletedover 9 years
If mistletoe visits lover, it should automatically work, or change lovers target.
over 9 years
this role does NOT win with town. it is a hostile 3rd in games, and must be killed in order for town to win. this description should be updated
almost 10 years
this is not good
almost 10 years
Didn't win with town :(
almost 10 years
Well that's not true. I was alive with only townies left, and the game didn't stop. They lynched me and thén town won.
almost 10 years
"Wins if everyone alive is in love with someone, or with town, while receiving less points"
almost 10 years
Colonel, Mistletoe wins with town as well.
almost 10 years
Maf-sided Mistletoe win. <3
almost 10 years
about 10 years
Literally unwinnable role. Got into a 3 way lylo situation where 1 townie, and 1 maf, and myself. Of course the townie and the maf cant fall in love with each other so the role is literally unwinnable. Good job lucid fucks.
about 10 years
This is how shit gets done. https://www.epicmafia.com/game/2678586
You make 2 town breed or whatever, if it gets down to obvious mafia, you make the mafia love themselves, Mistletoe wins!
deletedabout 10 years
Does not actually win with town. Much sad.