• Visits one person every night.
  • Will learn that person's true alignment regardless of role.
  • Will learn nothing if visited by anyone.
  • Sided with the village.
over 5 years
and theres already a seer
over 7 years
Because pi, because that would be stupid.
deletedabout 8 years
Why can't this guy figure out all the mafia before the game starts?
over 8 years
lol, gg below
over 8 years
so this is weakass santa for main lobby people. got it.
deletedover 8 years
Oh so it's less broken then santa cause if its visited "It gets distracted"
over 10 years
I really like this role.
over 10 years
This is a good role.
over 10 years
This role is very interesting. When combined with doc and cop, the cop can get a guilty on someone (in a framer or miller setup), the doc can be on cop, and the psychic can check to confirm or not the guilty report (or at least that's what I used it for).
over 10 years
Correct. As in, actually competitive-worthy.
over 10 years
So it's a Santa that doesn't give gifts.