• Mafia win if more than half the number of civilians in play die.
  • Mafia win if...
  • ... a lone Civilian dies
  • ... If both are dead out of 2 total Civilians
  • ... If 2 are dead out of 3 total Civilians
  • ... If 3 are dead out of 4 total Civilians
  • ... If 3 are dead out of 5 total Civilians
  • ...etc.

In popular setups

Last Stand played 101 times
almost 11 years
almost 11 years
This is not a Sandbox role. Setups could have 2, 3, or 4 of these in place of Villagers, and be balanced around their use. Civilian setups would change the impact of the town losing a power role. An alternative to this would be a mode which added this victory condition to the mafia regarding Villagers (and anything that might appear as a Villager)