Cat Lady
  • Can choose to send a cat to a player before the night starts
  • That player can decide whether to let the cat into his/her house
  • If the cat is let in, the player is blocked from all his/her actions
  • If the cat is let go, then the cat lady is informed of the player's role
  • Sided with the mafia

In popular setups

Look Guise a Cat played 110 times
about 5 years
They did not make this role what I suggested it to be, resulting in it being useless. Cat Lady was supposed to do the following:

Cat Lady doesn't know who the cat visits. If it's let in, the player is blocked from their actions. If not, the Cat Lady learns who was visited as well as their role.

Also, I didn't specify this because even though Cat Lady was intended to be mafia, it was suggested as a town-sided role... but the cat should visit only non-maf players and different players each time.
over 5 years
over 5 years
over 5 years
Cat Lady can't vote this role is glitched