• Appears to everyone as a villager
  • Does not attend mafia meetings
  • Can convert self to mafia once per game.
  • Sided with the mafia
deletedabout 8 years
after converting to mafia: shows up as guilty on sane and lazy cop's report and inno on insane

before converting himself to mafia and even on the night it converts himself to mafia: shows up as inno on sane and lazy cop's report and guilty on insane

if meteor is on mafia and consig turns himself to mafia on that night, the night will still end and game goes unranked
deletedover 9 years
The name for this role is terrible, but it's very good for confusing town... And mafia. Also, the reason it shows up as itself in chef meeting is because it doesn't get a suit on spawn.
over 9 years
Can he be killed by mafia then?
over 9 years Made First Made Better
over 10 years
Chef sees him as his role... Not as villager... so please fix...
over 10 years
@taurarious appears to EVERYONE as VILLAGER,
over 10 years
what does detective see?
over 10 years
Not dumb at all, enables one maf to claim blacksmith, another to claim gunsmith. It's fun.
over 10 years
dumb role is dumb
over 10 years
Well what exactly is the point of this role.
over 10 years
That would ruin closed setups if he was third party.
over 10 years
Perhaps he should be 3rd party