• Assigned one person at the start of the game.
  • Can choose to save that person once per game.
  • If that person dies that night or is lynched the next day, Angel dies instead.
  • Wins if their target is alive at the end of the game.

In popular setups

Take Me To Granny's played 12,640 times
Take Me To Church © played 1,372 times
The Angel Game played 880 times
over 5 years
If target dies angel turns into a survivor
about 7 years
If Angel gets a vest, Angel should be able to choose to give the item to their target (once in game) so that if the Angel used up its healing protection, it can still try to help its target live.

It can't be that O.P to have that?
over 7 years
Does locking yourself in with a key on the day your target is lynched and you've used your power prevent the save from working?
deletedabout 8 years
about 8 years
how about protection from day lynch?
about 9 years
I made this role <3
deletedover 9 years
Once per game save is pretty awful. Needs to be a reverse ghoul.
deletedover 11 years
@ taurirus, i know right, they'll ask you to guard them so they'll yak, then when you're dead they'll yak out the next night. Or they'll yak out n1, & you won't know about that.
over 11 years
Being angel on yak is really inconvenient.
over 11 years
My role :)
over 12 years
I think it's not suitable for comp in its current form, because regarding which side its target is chosen from, it severely affects the balance of the setup. Its target should always come from town. If you don't like the fact that everyone knows right away whose side the Angel is standing on, there could be a Dark Angel (not visible to self, like miller) whose target comes from mafia. Then multisetups could be made balanced, where mafia gets a stronger PR for example when Angel's target isn't from their side.
over 12 years
Description regarding sacrifice needs to be rewritten: "During the night, can sacrifice herself to protect her charge from harm, and negative effects (ie. zombification) for a whole day."
deletedover 12 years
Yes, I agree 100%, but when the angel saves his target, the target would NOT be unlynchable the next day... Also I've noticed in games with multiple Angels, if one loses they all lose... Can we fix this lucid?
over 12 years
Angel needs to protect lynches, gunshots and nightkills. maybe bomb explosions
deletedover 12 years
well no, it was supposed to be aligned only with town, but I guess lucid made it so any alignment was possible... Also... its not really like lover, I think the only reason people are saying that is because of the "You feel an unconditional love towards..." but really, the differences are:
a. You don't choose the person
b. They don't both die when one is killed
c. Angel can protect, and die for the target if they choose correctly, Lover doesn't
d. Lover can win if their loved is dead, Angel can not
over 12 years
So, the person can be anyone in the game, regardless of alignment?
*sigh* Bit similar to Lover, but w/e... that seems to be a recurring theme recently.
deletedover 12 years
:) its added!
over 12 years
I've added a pair of icons. They're edits of Dragonfang's.
deletedover 12 years
okay, thanks, and why not? thats the first time anyone sad that lmfao :P
over 12 years
@the last part: it would be too OP.

I don't like this role, but whatever...
deletedover 12 years
lol I am a fail speller!!!
over 12 years
lucid corrected your spelling...
deletedover 12 years
Sweet, they're making this! :D
deletedover 12 years
I did say this was awesome. +Ked the otherday.
over 12 years
Amazing idea! All for it.