• Selects one person at night
  • If the selected person visits the Siren that night, the person dies
  • Wins if successfully kills two people
deletedabout 7 years
bring back that gourgina siren icon
deletedabout 8 years
deletedover 9 years
i won as this role once. i deserve an award
almost 11 years
Fun fact: This role never wins
about 11 years
yes, she should be able to joint, given that she kills the last mafia
over 11 years
can siren joint with town?
over 11 years
Definitely the most prettiest female icon
over 11 years
you pretty much nailed it :) vvv
over 11 years
Some people keep asking why it's called siren and why it does what it does, even what the icon is. It's a siren from old mythology, often depicted as a mermaid. They sing their siren song and whoever comes to her dies a bloody death. More often than not, seamen are killed. This role's just picking someone to sing too, and if they visit her, she kills them.
over 11 years
Fun role, however, I think it should role block its target on a successful kill though. That would make sense with what Sirens do in mythology and make it so they can do something against night killing roles.
over 11 years
this role is fucking rad
deletedover 11 years
this is cutee , esp. the role icon. xo
over 11 years
pecan made his 8 months ago and it's better than riddler's so use his lol!
over 11 years
Pecan has the best role riddler's does not even look like a mermaid lol.
over 11 years
Should also be immune to night kills, I think
over 12 years
i forgot i made this role lol
over 12 years
I like the idea of a reverse Warlock.
over 12 years
I really like this role suggestion. +k
deletedover 12 years
props to you bro, this is genius, should be in the game like now